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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wasted Day, Maybe Not

In one way, yesterday was a wasted day, but in another way, I hope we got something accomplished. About three weeks ago, both my wife and I had a doctor’s appointment and the doctor changed both of our prescriptions. The first ones didn’t work for either of us. In fact, I thought that the one I was taking was going to kill me. The Doc said I had a bad reaction to it. Hope we have that straightened out. I got my prescription filled at Wal*Mart but they don’t carry the one my wife takes, so had to go to a drug store that did. We waited for them to be filled. The drug store only took a few minutes, but Wal*Mart took about an hour or so. The doctor appointments took up most of the morning and getting the prescriptions took up most of the afternoon. Just wanted to let you all know why I didn’t post a blog yesterday.

It is a little early to tell for sure, but I sure do feel much better this morning than I have for a few weeks. I wonder if I could go without medication. Probably not, since I have been on BP meds for a long, long time. I believe one’s body is typically lazy, and if you give it a crutch, like glasses, hearing aids, prescription drugs, etc. it will depend on them (no, I don’t mean Depends) and from then on, you are stuck with them. Eye glasses correct your vision, they don’t fix it. Hearing aids amplify the sound so you can hear some of it, they don’t fix you hearing. When using any aid to a bodily function, the body gets lazy and depends on it. If you don’t agree, please tell me I am wrong. I don’t want to have to wear hearing aids, glasses, and take medication all the rest of my life.

You all have a good day now, you hear? I plan on having a better one today.


  1. I hear you on the glasses thing Dizzy. When I first had to have them I was under the impression that after I wore them awhile my vision would improve. WRONG!!
    Same with my BP meds. Once I got my pressure down I wanted to quit the pills. Doc told me no. My pressure was down BECAUSE I took the pills and if I quit, bad news.
    So I’m stuck with glasses and daily pill.

    Don’t need the hearing aids yet. But wife always told me I didn’t hear her when she was giving me hell about something.. Well, DUH!! No one wants to hear that. :-)

  2. I'm lucky that I'm not on any meds, but I do have a C-pap to sleep. Working on getting off that, but it'll take a lot of weight loss. Chipping away at it.

    Sometimes we are stuck with something because it works and we need it.

  3. In all actuality, there is no such thing as a wasted day. Excuses will cover for ya.
    Speak'n of the Walmart prescription center, they got ya over the barrow with the 1 hour wait. That gives ya just enough time to go "shopp'n" for stuff ya don't need.
    Then speak'n of the drugs we take, that's a racket too. Instead of fix'n the cause, we take drugs to disguise the cause....on doctors orders of course. And the doctors will tell ya "you gonna die" with out them. And at the same time, doctors refuse to renew a prescription, what keeps you alive, unless he collects his part in $$$$ for a 15 minute visit.

  4. And then.....it only took me 10 minutes to make the above reply. The only blogs I have this problem with are the ones that have the "new" reply to a reply format.

  5. I think you are partially correct. Eyes, for instance, go bad with aging and will not self correct no matter what. Hearing due to loud noise damage will never correct. Blood pressure sometimes will correct when you remove the cause like excess fat and lack of exercise. As with most things there is black, white and lots of gray areas.

  6. I stopped wearing glasses after the catarac surgery last year! Don't need them anymore, except for the fine print!

    Only thing I'm on now is the blood thinner!

  7. I had the same experience after cataract surgery, which corrected my distance vision. Still need glasses to read though. I've heard of people being able to stop taking B/P meds, although the doctors don't have much incentive to let you try going without them. I decided last year to try going without the B/P meds and found out after about a month I still needed them. I only need a very small dose, but it sure makes a difference.

  8. O well, DD, we do what we gotta do. At my age, thankful for all the fixings that work.

  9. I don't take any meds,so far don't need them. There is a herb,caynne pepper,that is said to stabilize bp,also good for the heart,blood circulation,and too many things to mention here,just google it for yourself Blessings Jane,I drink it like a tea,it works for me,not suggesting it for anyone else.

  10. Ben, since you live alone, hearing aids are not a priority, unless you can’t hear yourself talking to yourself (grin).

    Sixbears, will the C-pap run on your boats 12 volt system? I choose oxygen instead, and enough power to run the oxygen generator becomes a problem when traveling and staying in places without shore power and has restriction on running generators after 23:00.

    BB, my wife and I used to go to a doctor who besides regular medicine, practiced alternative medicine. We were doing great until the doc moved to Arizona and retired. Have not been able to find a replacement as good as the old one. And sorry about the format, will try to find a way of changing it.

    Barney, If I walk fast for 3 miles a day, it keeps my BP down. I do eat right (except for ice-cream), mostly chicken breast and vegetables. I switched back to my old med last night and it is now holding at 120/68. Only have a couple more of those pills left. The new stuff is the same plus a diuretic. Not sure I need the added stuff.

    Jim, I did too, but not for reading and close up work.

    Gypsy, I had that surgery, also. BTW, I am trying to better my condition the natural way, but at this time in my life, I need a little help. I try to keep it as little as possible. I got off BP medication awhile back for a few years but it started to go up.

    Trouble, sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t. I have to weigh things against alternatives. Sometimes I give up and take the easy way out.

    Jane, yes I know and also cinnamon, helps. I do prefer alternative medicine. See my answer to Billy-Bob.