Wondering about wild grapes

Monday, January 2, 2012

Wondering who comes up with this stuff.

I get lots of forwarded emails that are jokes, pictures, video clips, political commentary, strange and exotic stuff, etc. Some of them are really quite good. I enjoy a good laugh and some of them give me one. Like the one I got this morning showing entertainers when they were young and staring in their major roles and then showing what they look like now. It was interesting, but not that entertaining until they got to the last one. It was a picture of Howdy Doody, remember him? Well, they showed a before picture of him and the “now” picture was a bag of charcoal briquettes. Now that was funny, or do I have a warped sense of humor. I also got an email containing supposedly jokes by Jeff Foxworthy titled “you may be a Muslim”. Not sure if he did say those jokes but they were in his style. Last Saturday morning, while walking through the flea market, I spotted a couple books of the “Far Side” cartoons. Some of them are just plain stupid, but some are really hilarious.

I really can’t tell you what things or jokes I find really funny because I don’t understand myself what I really find funny. I try to see the humor in everything, so when it comes to finding something to laugh about, I do not have tunnel vision. I can tell you what I do not think is funny; jokes on someone that either hurts them emotionally or physically. I do not like the use of profanity, but can ignore it in some cases, like with George Carlin. The old George Carlin made me laugh so hard my gut hurt. I would say that my favorite was Red Skelton. I never missed his TV shows. He was one of kind.

OK, tell me, what type of humor do you like and who would you consider your favorite comedian? You all have a great day today, you hear?


  1. Got to agree with you about humor, Even the funny papers on Sunday aren't really funny anymore.
    One cartoon that I never liked was Opus? the penguin?
    Favorites,, got to agree with you,
    George Carlin and Red Skelton, (Red never used a bad word!)

    BTW, did you hear the one about the traveling book salesman...... :-)
    I knew an ole boy who could tell the best stories he made up or expanded on . He had a way with words and could paint a scene so you knew exactly what was happening and where.

  2. The thing about Carlin was that while he was being funny, he was saying something profound. I saw a clip recently of his comments on how after WW I they referred to "shell shock"; then it was "battle fatigue" after WW II; they kept changing the term until now it is "post traumatic stress disorder" which whitewashes the real issue completely. Carlin thought if they still called it "shell shock" we might not be jumping into war so fast.

    I loved some of the humor of Monty Python back in the day - not all of it, but a lot.

  3. Hard to say what makes me laugh anymore!

    Like you say, Carlin and Red Skelton were some of the best.

    Try as I may, I still don't find the Marx Brothers very funny! Believe me, I've tried!

  4. Who is my favorite commedian... well that would be a hard one,but red skelton would be right up there at the top ! Glad to see your still posting. Blessings Jane.

  5. I gotta go with Bill Cosby, he is a lot like George Carlin with the way he always tries to get the point across with humor. There is a new fella on the scene these past few years....Gabriel Iglasis. OMG is he ever funny. Catch him on TV if you can, you won't regret it.

  6. Ben, you mean the traveling salesman and the farmer’s daughter???

    Gypsy, I agree about both Carlin and Monty Python and his flying circus.

    Hermit, the Marx Brothers just look funny.

    Jane, haven’t heard from you for awhile, I try to post every day, but sometimes I just don’t have anything to say.

    Sharon, Bill Cosby is funny, also. I also like to listen to the real old radio shows that used to be on before TV. Some of them are really funny. Can’t beat old time humor.

  7. Bob Hope, is still Number 1 on my list.

    I also love the humor writing of Will Rogers.