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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another Wondering Solved.

Thank you Paul and Mary for giving me a link to the round item I showed on my blog yesterday and asked if anyone knew what it was.  Here is the link that they gave:  http://www.campingworld.com/shopping/item/wheeltopper-steering-wheel-table/22197

And here is a couple of pictures that I found on the internet for it.  This first one is from the above site:

And this is what can be done with it, other than to eat off of: 

I will try it out and post a picture of it attached to my steering wheel. You will have to wait for that. I have to gather up the dogs, load them in the Jeep and take them for their monthly grooming. May also go get some supplies, my half gallon of Blue Bell chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream only has a couple of servings left in it (grin).

It is going to be a little cooler today than the close to 80 days we have been seeing. It actually got down to 37 degrees this morning and just a day or so ago the low was 68 degrees. Big difference, but we must be reminded how good we have it here, by having a cold front blow in a few times each winter. I feel sorry for any of you who live up in the north country with short daylight hours and freezing temperatures. I spent the first 37 years up there. In the winter time, I drove to work in the dark and drove home in the dark, also. I liked fresh fallen snow, but did not like the many gloomy days.

You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Hey Dizzy,glad you solved the mystery. Bloggers can be so helpful! Our temps are up and down here too,we really havn't had much of a winter! Blessings Jane

  2. That actually looks pretty useful. Space is at a premium, so another flat usable surface is nice to have.

    1. That steering wheel tray is ONLY for when you're parked RIGHT? :-) Glad you got it figured out.

      That would come in handy if your too dammed lazy to walk back to the dining area. :-)

  3. A great little table. And i totally agree with Jane, bloggers are soooo helpful.

  4. I would love to experience another winter with lots of snow, although I would soon get pretty tired of it. And driving in it is definitely out of the question. The absolute quiet when you wake up in the morning to newly fallen snow is such a joy.

  5. I told you it looked like a clip on table...but I had no idea that it was for the steering wheel! I figured it was for outside!

    Learn something new every day!

  6. $41 and normally $55 !! Good grief I could make one out in my shop in about fifteen or twenty minutes for maybe a buck. If that is an example of the cost of the good life, RVing that is, I will definitely have to do without !

  7. Jane, bloggers are a big help answering questions. Yoyo temps are pretty normal around here.

    Sixbears, I probably would only use it if I was going to be parked for some time.

    Ben, oh shucks, I like to eat when driving. . .

    Trouble, I age for sure.

    Gypsy, snow does seem to dampen sounds. I always liked to walk in the woods after a snow and on a moon lit night. Moon light on the snow makes everything bright.

    Hermit, yes you were a most correct, at least in knowing it was a table. That was more than I knew.

    Bob, anything for RV's or boats cost way more than they are worth.