Wondering about wild grapes

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wandering back home in a while.

It has been a short trip and stay but was needed to check everything out.  So far I have not found anything wrong except for a few burned out light bulbs.  Of course I must tell you what happened right after we got parked.  I wanted to put the slides out, but I couldn’t find the switches for the two major slides in the living area.  So I went back to the bedroom and put both of them out.  They worked OK so went back up front and tried to find the switches again.  I didn’t want to let my wife know how dumb I was, but finally mentioned if she knew where the switches were.  She said that she didn’t off the top of her head but would look.  It took her all of about 15 seconds to find them.  Now, not only was I dumb, but I felt dumb and she knew it (grin).

This was a successful trip and I learned a lot about the unit.  Every new thing I discovered impressed me.  This unit was well thought out and well built.  Hope it holds together for a while, I have plans for hitting the road, let’s see, where to first?  Oh yeah, back home for now.

I did not forget the pictures.  I started to put them on last night and after waiting for over 5 minutes and the first one hadn’t loaded yet, I figured it would take 12 hours to get them all on, so am going to wait until I get home and use the DSL line.  Sorry about that.  Now, you all have a good day and if I get the chance, I will post the pictures later today or on tomorrow’s blog.


  1. Of course we are waiting with baited breath for pictures. ( NO!! Baited breath has nuthing to do with fishing :-) )

    1. That would be bated breath that has nothing to do with fishing.

  2. i'm beginning to 'wonder',,,if we'll see any pics,,or not,,,,

  3. Ben, maybe you aren't using the right kind of bait (grin).

    Trouble, I will post them in the morning.