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Monday, January 9, 2012

Wondering where my comments went.

I took time yesterday to reply to all the comments I got on my blog. At the time, I thought I had some witty and profound answers to all your comments. I even took the time to write all my replies in Word first, to make sure I got everything right and completely answered every comment. Then I copied and pasted it into the comment box on my blog. I do it this way a lot, especially if I have a number of comments to answer at one time. I know I pasted it in, so where did it go? Out there in cyber space somewhere I assume. I just bet that it has a lot of company out there. Now don’t tell me that something like this never happened to you. I loose so much stuff out there in cyber space that I am afraid it will suck me in, too.

Am I making too much of thing out of this small problem? Kind of reminds me of a Mel Brooks quote: “tragedy is when I cut my finger: Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die.” You all remember the stuff that Mel Brooks had done, don’t you? Some of his stuff was Blazing Saddles and Space Balls. He had a “different” sense of humor that I like; something like Gary Larson, the author of The Far Side. I am reading a book that I found at the flea market titled “The PreHistory of The Far Side” and the Mel Brooks quote above was on an other wise blank page preceding the contents of Gary’s book. They are two people with the same sort of off -center humor. If you like the one, you like the other. Some of Gary’s stuff does nothing for me while some of it has me doubled over in laughter. It is strange what different people think are funny. Of course I always try to see the humor in every single thing. That is hard sometimes, but it is worth while and also healthy to keep a smile on your face.

Sorry, I am not gong back and answer all your comments on yesterday’s blog, but I do want you all to know that I really appreciate your comments. We are having some severe storms and so far have received over 4 inches of rain. You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Benny Hill is another one that you had to read between the line.I'm kinda slow an sometimes it took a while for it to come through.

  2. WOOOOHOOOOO,,,RAIN!!!! Love that you have gotten 4", and more coming? Don't know how much we have had, but it's still raining, sometimes. Thundering,,,LOVE IT. Isn't there an old saying about thunder in Jan? or is it Feb?
    Remember how many times i lost my blogs? Happens to us all.

  3. Are you looking for the comments you answered on the morning of Jan 7 or have you written another.
    When I wrote in a word processor then used copy and paste it caused too many problems. The word processor adds unseen html. I lost a lot of post in those days and sometimes the whole post. Now if I do any cut and paste for my post from anywhere I run it through a ".txt only" editer first. Seems to have cured it.

  4. Gary and Mel are great. I really miss the Far Side. I used to joke that some people look in the paper at their horoscope to see what kind of day they were going to have. The Far Side did the same for me.

  5. I guess like most people I have lost post, BUT it's been a long time now since it's happen. I,like you,will often create a post in MS office and then open my my Google Blogger page and paste it in. I don't allow office to create the links or pictures, Those I simply copy links and paste directly into the blog content.
    I have heard of some many people using off the wall "all in one" blog creation programs that have issues that I just stick with the basics and so far it seems to be working fine.

    Maybe one day the internet Gods will allow you lost comments to reappear.

  6. I have a copy of The Pre History of the Far Side DD, it's incredibly funny. Humour IS uinversal, especially Gary's sort of humour...

  7. Ted, I liked Benny Hill, watched most of his TV programs.

    Trouble, according to the TV we got 5” at the Conroe airport.

    Oldfool, I write all my blogs in my “old” version of Word and a lot of my comments, also, and never had any trouble before. Some times the cyber space gremlins get me. . .

    Sixbears, they sort of put things in perspective, or is it the opposite?

    Ben, I only use Word for text, everything else I use the Blogger to import pictures, links, etc.

    TFT, I guess great minds do think alike, right?