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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wonder why I am running late – again.

It seems to happen to me more and more lately. Maybe it is because I am trying to stuff too much into too few hours or maybe time is flying by faster than it used to or just maybe I am running slower than I used to. Now that we know that neutrinos can travel faster than the speed of light (which I told you about on an older blog), why can’t time speed up and slow down. Einstein said it could, and who am I to argue with him. OK, so he said it depends on something other than a person’s age to affect the speed of time. I say it is directly influenced by a person’s age. You see, when you are real young, your mind works real fast and therefore time seems to go slow. When you get old your mind slows down and thus time appears to go so much faster. I am not saying that I am old, but everyone else is and with this bout of trying to get my blood pressure under control (I am winning that battle, I think) I am starting to believe them. Heck, I have already lived almost nine years longer than my Dad did. But, maybe time moved slower back in his day.

Speaking of high blood pressure, I have had problems with it for quite a few years. I think it was 20 or 25 years ago, I had a dentist appointment and the dentist had just purchases a sphygmomanometer that he was going to take home for his family’s use. He wanted to try it out, so I volunteered. My blood pressure was 220 over 120. He thought that the unit was defective, but told me to see a doctor. Well, I didn’t have a doctor, but looked one up in the yellow pages and called and told him what I thought my BP was. Wow, that worked, got an appointment that same day, and yes, it was that high and I have no idea how many years it had been like that. I told him it was my way of checking for aneurisms!! He didn’t think that was funny.

Hey, you all have a great day now and we will be heading off to the (you guessed it) flea market.


  1. Ya know Dizzy? Since the battery in my watch died and I quit wearing it, time seems to move slower. Try not wearing your watch and quit paying any attention to what time it is, except for appointments of course

  2. Ya know what Dizzy, you be mess'n with the feller in black when your blood pressure goes that high. I ain't talk'n no little heart attack, I'm talk'n major stroke....not minor, major.
    The same thing happen to me when old Doc change my meds. I less than 2 hours after pop'n that first pill, I were sweat'n and feel'n "funny". Blood pressure was way on up there....210/105. Call Doc...he say, OMG, don't take no more them pills...and hang up.

  3. What is your BP when it's GOOD? Under control?

  4. I don't care what any scientist says, time goes faster the older you get.

  5. Keep an eye on that pressure. You must be doing something right most of the time. By the way, doctors, for some reason, really hate it when a big fat guy like me comes in with normal blood pressure. I'm not on meds.

  6. Ben, that might work but I would also have to tear up all the calendars, too.

    BB, this morning and at noon, my BP was looking pretty good, but always room for emprovement.

    Trouble, not sure what it is, because it jumps around some. Exercise brings it down and if I even eat a little bit of salt it goes up. At noon it was 136/70 but I like it to be 120/68.

    Gypsy, You are definitely right!!!

    6bears, I will keep an eye on it. I didn’t for quite awhile and that is what got me into trouble; that and working for a couple of months 7 days a week sitting in front of this computer with no exercise. Glad to hear you are not on any meds. BP meds is all I take and I will be 69 next month.

  7. I've got the opposite problem...sometimes mine drops down to 100/50. Usually it's 110/70, pulse of 60 or thereabouts. Too low for a guy of 60 yrs. old, so they say. The only meds I'm on is maybe an occasional big fattie ha ha. And I've been a smoker of cigs for 40 yrs. !
    Hell if I stop smoking my BP might go down even further...

  8. Spud, maybe you need more excitement in your life (grin). Yesterday, mine at the lowest for the day got down to 188/66. I think it is getting under control.