Wondering about wild grapes

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wondering when the leaves will change.

Actually, it is too early for the leaves to change color here. Some of the Chinese Tallow are turning their pretty red, yellow, and orange. That is the only thing that they are good for, autumn color. The hardwoods turn color and drop their leaves beginning after the second week in December. Most all of the leaves will be down by the end of the year, except for the Live Oak and the trees that died during the drought. I don’t think there will be much color this fall except for the trash trees. Actually, there never really is, especially if you are used to the beautiful color in the autumn in Pennsylvania. The peak of the color there is usually the second or third week of October.

Woke up this morning to balmy, humid weather. This morning low temperature was in the mid 60’s. Since I didn’t watch any news yesterday, I don’t know what the high is supposed to be. My wife tells me that California had 130 mph winds and they will even affect the middle part of the United States. Santa Anna winds, I believe they are called.

Quick now, how high do you have to count to find a number that when spelled out has an “a” in it? It only took me a second or two to answer that, how long did it take you? Hope there is none of you out there still counting; 1, 2. 3. 4. . . . You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. No tree color showing up here either yet this year. The big ole Mulberry out front will shead all it's leaves the first day it is below freezing! They just rain off that tree. My native oaks are dropping leaves but they not bright colored.

    And that number you looking for.. Was it one Thousand?

  2. Ben, You are the first to get it right. Winter doesn't get here until next month.

  3. Heck, down here in East Texas we got all sorts or red, yellar and red tree leafs hanging around. I was in West B.G. Virginia one fall during the colors and WOW !

  4. Around Kerrville, somewhere, there's a place called Lost Maples?,,not sure of that name, but it has all those colors. Lots of people drive over there just for that, but i never have. And i sure don't know about this year.

  5. Going back a post to see your new toy. Jim sent me. Don't feel to bad about the awning. I hit the house in broad day light. I don't know what I was thinking but it sure wasn't about watching where I was going.
    But your new toy sure is a beauty in and out. Happy Travels

  6. My leaves are white. They are all on the ground and covered in snow. The maples usually start changing color at the end of August.

  7. Anon, Yep, W. Va would be spectacular when the leaves are all in full color. I am also in E. Texas. If I go east on 105 I am not to far from Louisiana.

    Trouble, I have heard of Lost Maples. Have seen some pictures but have never been there.

    Jojo, Thanks, but it was not a good way to start out my ownership of it. Oh well, probably wouldn’t have used it anyway.

    Sixbears, I guess your leaves match my hair. It was 75 here today. But it is suppose to get cold this coming week.