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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wondering about curb feelers.

How many of you are old enough to remember “curb feelers”? I sure am, even had them on my first car, a 1955 DeSoto. They sure did remind you when you got near the curb. I don’t remember if they came on new cars or if you had to add them after you had the vehicle. Dang, just thinking about that old car brings back a lot of memories as does thinking about the second vehicle I had, a ’57 Chevy convertible.

OK, back on the subject, curb feelers. I woke up this morning thinking about a way to install something like curb feelers on that motor- home I just bought. You know, a few sticking out in vulnerable places, like the bottom left and right rear, the mid height left and right rear, the top left and right rear, the mid section left and right and top and bottom, the front left and right and top and bottom, and a few scattered over the air conditioners and the front and rear of the roof. Phew!!! Glad I got through all that, did you? If I did attach “curb feelers” in all the vulnerable and hard to see places, it would look like a porcupine for sure, but I bet I wouldn’t squash into another tree.

OK, I got to get back on that paying (hopefully paying) job so I can start learning the important things I need to know to drive that new house around a bit. Called last week to make an appointment at the local RV place to get the oil and filters changed. I guess they don’t get diesels in much cause they said they had a guy that comes in an does it and they have called a couple of times wanting model numbers and other information so they can order the filters, oil, etc. They have not as yet called and given me a date that they can do it. Guess I should have planned to take it on down toward Houston to a dealer that handles Newmars like mine.

Hey, you all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Curb Feelers? LOL LOL,, take up a collection and put outside cameras all over that thing!!! On the rear to let you know when the Jeep comes loose. One on each side looking into the other lanes to see what kind of car you gonna smush. And one on the roof to see how big that limb is you fixin to hit and rip off the AC unit.
    Or hire you a couple of kids to ride with you, they can run up and down in the unit and tell you what is where.

  2. Curb Feelers? I remember them. They were a great aid for blind drivers.

  3. Ben, it came with a really good rear view cameral. If it had not been dark, I would have seen the tree in my mirror.

    Sixbears, Yeah, and didn't you like the noise they made?

  4. Aren't u ever gonna finish ur project? Are u working in ur newbie, or doing anything in it? When u gonna get "on the road again?" Saw one just like urs at the park, have lots of snowbirds there now.

  5. Hey how about Ben's cameras all around with some led lights pointing toward the area they are looking at and a big old solar system to power it all. Maybe also some motion detectors for back up, cause if'n you gonna hit it, you gonna be moving toward it or it toward you.
    Of course the easiest way would just be a big old steel bar mounted all around like on bumper cars.


  6. Touble is starting look like it will never end. May have to find a point in it to tell my customer that I need a break. Not good for my health sitting in front of this computer 10 to 12 hours a day.

    Annon, Maybe I just need to be a liitle more careful, what you think?

  7. Bet they make something like the curb feelers just for motor homes!

    With all the accessories they have now days, I wouldn't be surprised at all!

    I do remember the curb feelers, for sure!

  8. DD I have been driving 40' busses for many years. I recently came across this and enjoyed several helpful tips, and if after you finish all the lessons, you still want curb finders they were always an add-on. Incidently I owned a 1953 DeSodo. It was a much better car than the 57 Chevy although not in looks:)


  9. Hermit, I don't know why I was thinking of them this morning. Don't think I want any.

    Lou, Yes the DeSoto was a great car, had 300,000 miles on it when I quit driving it. It had been my Dad's and he was a salesman for H. J. Heinz Co and put in a lot of miles a year. Thanks for the link.

  10. Electronic proximity sensors. Unlimited ranges that they can be set for.

    You ain't going off road in that thang bubba...

  11. Spud, I'll probably try and get it really stuck. Maybe I shuld keep my Class-C. I do tow a jeep everywhere I go, so will just have to use it.