Wondering about wild grapes

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wondering about this and that.

I have just been wondering about a lot of things; where should I start?  Remember my blog a couple days ago about “Wondering which one is the monster”?  Well that monster is now purring like a sweet little kitten. My wife just loves her new tablet, now that it is set up right. She says she has no reason to get on her laptop anymore and that the tablet is so much faster and easier. An added benefit is that it doesn’t bother her eyes like the laptop does. I am sure glad that she likes it and is finally happy with it.

I was also wondering about our sun’s cycle. Our sun usually goes through an eleven year cycle of maximum and minimum sun spots. The cycle we are in now is supposed to peak in 2013, but there is evidence that the cycle is weakening and the next few cycles may not have a maximum. This could seriously affect our climate and weather. I guess change is the only thing that can be considered a constant. This will also screw up world wide ham radio transmissions.

I was talking to a neighbor yesterday and I mentioned that in the over 30 years that I have lived in Texas, this is the most beautiful fall color that I have ever seen. Not one of those 30 years even came close. The oak trees are gorgeous. The long drought and then some late autumn rain must have had some kind of affect on them. I don’t know what the reason is, but who cares; I am enjoying the autumn colors. In another week or so the leaves should be falling. This morning didn’t feel like autumn, the low was only 64 degrees.

You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. The dry hot summer here effected my tress as well. I had some pop out leaves real late, but I'm not seeing color. A couple of other plants didn't even start their normal spring growth till just recently, like my garlic and my Easter Lilly for example. Just hope we get some winter moisture so they will make it till spring rains

  2. I was so glad to see your comment on weather, NOT caused by us!!!
    Also,,where's the pics? lol,,wanna see those oaks.

  3. Maybe the sun is going through a mega cycle that we just haven't been been keeping records long enough to notice.

    It might crawl above freezing for a few moments today.

  4. Same thing about the tree color out here around Athens, kinda reminds me of West BG Virginia.

  5. My roses think it's Spring! They haven't looked this good all year!

    Already past 70 on my patio! Crazy weather!

  6. Ben, it sure has been a crazy year, weather wise.

    Trouble, man is so vain he thinks he causes all the good and the bad stuff to happen. There are things in this universe so much more powerful than man and if the sun wants to skip a cycle, there is nothing man can do about it, except adapt. Mankind has been good at adapting.

    6bears, some of the core samples taken has shown wide swings in climate over the years. You are correct in your thinking. Glad it is above freezing, got into the 70’s here today and should be bumping 80 tomorrow. I will send you some warm weather.

    Anon, yep, but not quite as beautiful. It is hard to beat the north east when it comes to fall colors.

    Hermit, You can have a rose bouquet for Christmas. Yep, warm here and warmer tomorrow.

  7. There is some thought that the sun is contracting and getting ready to belch the big one. Notice all the appearance of canyons recently. It is possible that material is being sucked into deeper regions where it will heat up and shoot out as ejecta... The carrington event was preceded by a quiet period like this.

  8. Spud, if the sun does spit out a super flare, the chances of it going in a direction other than earth is high. Only a few flared have hit earth. Let's hope that if it another super flare, it will go elsewhere.