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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Still fighting with the computers.

Still having some problems but I think I have most of them solved. The big thing now is email. I can not get my email nor can my wife get her email. There is no email program on either of the laptops now. I purchased Office Home and Student, but it does not have Outlook on it. I will have to go back today and see if I can get one with Outlook.

I am loving the tablets. I read all your blogs and some from links off your sites on my tablet this morning. It is easier for me to write my blog on my old computer with the full size keyboard or my new laptop, which also a full size keyboard. But here I sit in front of my old desk top and it is still making funny noises, but old habits are hard to break. I have not yet figured out how to post comments from the tablet. Since I had to use a G-mail account to work with the tablet, it doesn’t seem to recognize my Google blog account sign in. I will eventually get everything sorted out and up and running just the way we want them to. In the mean time, I will just skip from one to the other to the other to the other and do what ever I can. Got to run in town and get the program with Outlook on it.

But, before I go I want to let you all know that we got three lines of thunderstorms through here in the middle of the night and it rained quite hard during all three giving us some much needed water. So, you all have a great day now, you here.


  1. Surely there is a place you can download the outlook to your office program.. Check for office updates or addons? It "may" be installed but not active? good luck importing over all your contacts and the like, there is a way to do that though.

  2. I thot win 7 had windows live, that's what i have, does email and all.

  3. I was under the impression that Outlook had gone the way of the dinosaur and was no longer available. Too bad - I loved it when I used it years ago.

    I received an email with a couple of attachments from someone who uses Windows Live and couldn't view the attachments at all - don't like it from the standpoint of being on the receiving end. Good luck.

  4. Windows Live and Outlook are two totally different programs.

  5. Ben, I have already gone back to town and bought the better version and another program called Office Product Key Card. That is for installing Office on multiple computers. They wouldn’t take the other back since I had removed the cellophane, even though the carton was never opened.

    Trouble, it does but I don’t know what it is or how to use it. Will have to learn.

    Gypsy, well I am a dinosaur and I did find it in the Office Home and Business software. I could not find outlook express, that one may have gone bye-bye.

    Ben, I thought so, but at this time I know nothing about Windows Live, but I will. . .

  6. My gosh, i'm still trying to fiqure out how to work my old laptop I got in 2001. We take it when we travel but the wife just plays card games on it. I do E-mail and a little internet but that's all. I don't want to thank about having to learn a new system.

    Merry Christmas to you and your wife.

  7. The same to you Riverhaulaer. Will you be staying at home or taking the RV out somewhere? If my customers would let me retire, I would not have to buy a laptop capable of running my engineering software.