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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wondering about a cat story

I was reading Billy Bob’s blog and he was talking about a mean blue-eyed cat. He got some comments that told of injuries caused by cats. This caused me to remember what happened to a co-worker’s wife one day years ago. I have never forgotten what he said happened and I can picture it in my mind. Ok, enough prelude, here is the story, short and sweet.

My friend and his wife loved cats and was owned by several. One warm, sunny day his wife had been out in the back yard getting some sun. She was dressed in nothing but a skimpy bikini. She had just returned to the house when the front door bell rang. She headed to the door with her trusty cat beside her. When she opened the door, there stood a woman with a big dog on a leash by her side. My friend’s cat hissed and climbed up his wife’s mostly naked body and perched on her shoulder. The cat really tore her up trying to get to a safe place away from the dog. I imagine she still has scares. It just gives me shivers to think of that story. If you have ever had a cat sink its claws into you deep enough to support its weight, you know what I am talking about.

I am not even going to mention how cold it got last night. I will just say it was a hard freeze and stayed in the mid 20’s for many hours and is more like New England than the Gulf Coast of Texas. You all have great day now and keep warm, you hear?


  1. Gotta love our kitties!! Poor lady, but I can relate.
    Bunch of years ago I was at father in laws early one morning getting coffee so we could head out deer hunting. He was getting a cup of coffee while wearing just his skives when his wife’s cat came in meowing, wanting food I guess.
    Climbed straight up his legs and back to get to the counter!!

    There was much yelling, jumping, coffee cup throwing and cat swatting going on.
    Left claw marks all up him of course.

  2. Had my leg used as a kitty ladder several times!

    Makes me hurt even thinking of these poor folks!

    You have a great day!

  3. Ouch!! Mine have accidently made marks, but mostly know ,,bare skin=no claws.

  4. My dad's got one mean cat. It and I have an armed truce. The thing is all claws and likes to urinate on my stuff. It also has a habit of knocking things off shelves. Likes things that break.

    Got 3 inches of slushy snow, that tuned into ice when temps dropped into the teens. Never really warmed up today, plus high winds. Normal for here, I guess.

  5. I don't think regional weather patterns will ever return to what we had and got used to.

  6. Ben, when I had cats and dogs, got a lot more bites and scratches from the cats than the dogs. My male would lie peaceably on my lap and let me pet him and the minute he was biting and scratching me. Never could figure him out but he chased of my buddy’s dogs when they cornered the females. Ran them way off.

    Hermit, we make convenient ladders.

    Trouble, it is good you haven’t been hurt.

    Sixbears, glad you got a truce. I guess we sent that cold weather up your way, suppose to get back up to the 70’s here. That mid 20 stuff was really cold for this area.

    Gypsy, I am afraid you are correct. I predict that fresh water will cost more than gasoline one of these days.