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Friday, December 16, 2011

I’m singing that dang computer trouble blues.

Yeah, my trusty old computer hasn’t healed its self yet, in fact it is getting worse. Video screen goes fuzzy in about three hours or so of use. Not good when I am trying to finish up this project. I did get the main part done and have two minor parts to do yet. They may seem minor compared to the first part of the project, but they still take some time. I will have to take some time to either get this computer fixed or buy a new one. I always have my computers custom built for me to do the type of work I do. I would not know what kind to buy off the shelf. I always have had two hard drives. I like to keep my programs separate from my files. May have to go “shopping” soon.

Another thing that gets me upset is back-up drives. Everyone that I have ever used, I have had to back up things manually. They always want to back up the C-drive and that is not necessary, since all my files are on the D-drive. Programs can be re-loaded but the files will be lost if drive-D bites the dust. If you are legal, you should have the original program discs to reload your programs. Even so, I always back up both hard drives, which reminds me; maybe I should do that now before this thing crashes again.

Got to get back to work now while the computer is up and running. You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. I'm glad my computer needs are simple. Using a netbook right now. Set it to dual boot in Ubuntu and Windows 7. It's powerful enough for what I need. Portability is more important than power.

    At home I plug in a full sized keyboard, wireless mouse, and better speakers.

    I still think you might want to look into a computer that's been set up for gamers. Might have all you need, off the shelf.

  2. Sent you an email, but basically you GONNA have to call your geek and get your system patched up till you finish this project. THEN get you a new unit. I Still say that Win 7 Home should load and run your programs IF they guy installing or setting them up knows how to set the system to run those in one of many different former Windows versions. Yes, it can be done!!!

    Good luck

  3. Nothing like computer problems to ruin a person's day!

    Mine is acting funny as well! Must be something in the air!

  4. Heck DD, get done and buy a new off the shelf one, then,,maybe you won't be tempted to do this again. You can then say, i don't have the right equipment any more. lol

  5. 6bears, I really didn’t want to buy another computer at this time. I have a lap-top that works but it will not open my old favorite engineering program. My wife’s new tablet is great. I read all your blogs on it, but haven’t figured out how to post a comment, it will not accept my Google account.

    Ben, you are right Ben. I do really like this old XP-Pro. Window-7 Professional is expensive. But will get it if I get a new computer.

    Hermit, maybe it is like the flue, when one gets it they all get it.

    Trouble, do you think that will work? Then they will want me to come “on site” to do the work and I will not do that.

  6. DD: Did you locate it to the video card or monitor? Why replace the entire thing for a video issue? Buy a new video card, or a new monitor, or both. Cheaper than a new custom computer, even your fancy video card. I agree, look for gamer's video, some of them are strangely awesome, and you may be able to get one off the shelf that will do what you need. Graphics are graphics, at the gamer's level.

    As for backup, try Ghost and make an image of the HD. You choose what HD or even partition you want to image. With Ghost explorer you can pull individual files out if you don't want to do an entire wipe and reimage to restore the entire backup. Especially with your setup, with Ghost on C: you can image D: daily if you wish.

  7. Shadow, I was going to do the four hard-drive thing where info is stored on two drives and the other two are "ghost" drives. But didn't, of cours.

  8. The Ghost I mean is imaging software. It's used to back up, or deploy, software in multiple machines in an Enterprise situation. Worked so well Micro$oft made a utility that does basically the same thing. If you mean that you were going to use that type of Ghost image on a couple of extra drives, it kind of defeats part of the purpose to have your most recent backups actually in the machine. They should be 'somewhere else'. But, you know that...