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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wondering if it is because of my age?

What am I talking about? Everything!! My body is slowing down along with my mind. I get over whelmed trying to figure out all these new electronic gadgets we have been getting. Things seemed a lot simpler and I could understand and fix things that went wrong back in the good old DOS days. Heck, with DOS I knew what was going on inside my computer and could write little batch files to do things. Now, it seems to be a throw-a-way world where you toss out the old and install the new.

Sorry if I seem to be complaining today, it is just that getting new tablets, new operating systems on the old lap-top, the new lap-top, and trying to help a couple who just bought two computers and can’t get either of them to work is starting to over whelm me. I like to learn new things, but not a lot at a time. It takes awhile to sink in. I am getting there, since I seem to have a break in my “paying” job. This reminds me, I need to get my new lap-top loaded up with the software I use when working.

That “paying” job was not good for my health. It interfered with me getting out and walking. I need exercise to keep my blood pressure within reasonable limits. It doesn’t do me any good, health wise, to sit in front of a computer for hours and hours and hours at a time.

Then there is the motor-home that needs some attention before we can get out on the road for a trip. The fresh water tanks will need flushed out and sanitized, it will need loaded up with the necessary things, and a lot of small things that always need to be done. Speaking of getting something done, I need to start loading software on to my new lap-top so that I can start using it if I get more work. So, for now I will just say adios and you all have a great day, you hear?


  1. It's that very reason that I run linux. It has it roots in the old unix systems from the 60's, rock solid, and completely open. It can be customized to hold your hand as much or as little as you want. Under the hood, it's all completely accessible from a command line and shell scripts in a way that makes dos' batch scripts look archaic. Despite the fact dos is 20 years newer.

  2. My engineering software is made for Windows. That is why I have continued running it since it came out. I loved DOS and said that I "don't do windows" but when the engineering software switched to windows, so did I.

  3. Dizzy, I'm with Grant as far as linux goes. However, I use windows too as there are some programs that just won't run in linux -or the work around just isn't worth it.

    Take care of your health. Maybe you can't afford to work that much.

    Enjoy that new vehicle.

  4. I have noticed over the past few years that I have slowed down tremendously, and simple instructions sometimes sound like an alien language to me. I tire out easily and at first thought it was just laziness. The best part about growing older though, is the fact that all the sudden you can "see" things you never could before, and understanding of life, human nature, what is important and what is not, becomes so much clearer. I'm enjoying the things I am learning now, as opposed to what I thought I had to learn before. New technology sure isn't on my list.

  5. Boy howdy am I ever with ya on the get'n old aspect of life. I really can't say it much better than what Gypsy just said, so just go back and read her comment one more time.
    Bout operating systems, I have Winders Vista on mine and for what I do on a computer, it's ok. I suppose some day, somebody will come up with a system that works for everybody. I ain't one for writ'n scripts an' stuff to make a computer do something....just point and click is fine with me.

  6. That's happened to me of course,,get frustrated with new things, have to put them aside sometimes. No big deal tho, got all the time in the world.
    Put ur work aside ONCE A DAY, and go for that walk!!! I'm serious! I get out once a day, for my peace of mind. lol.

  7. Boy...I'm sure glad to know that I'm not the only one that has trouble with some of the new stuff!

    It's scary how the really young ones seem to just know how they work intuitively!

    Sounds like it's almost time for a road trip!

  8. Sounds like we are all victims of the "kids" today making up all these programs and what not. DAMMED mart asses!!! WE are the ones who invented and discovered all these computers and internet in the first place. But we been just slap as run over by the kids
    Think if I could get my kindle to read aloud to me , I'd prop my feet up and kick back in my rocking chair/recliner. :-)

  9. You do seem to be complicating your life quite a bit these days DD... remember that wonderful quote by Thoreau... Success is not what we have but what we can live happily without...
    Best wishes my friend...

  10. 6bears, well I spent all day and couldn’t get my older favorite version of the engineering software to run on the new computer so had to load the 2011 version. Still can’t my email on it. There is no program available for email.

    Gypsy, I know what you mean about understanding things we never thought about when we were younger. I guess I need to redo my list of things to do.

    Billy Bob, I would like to just turn on the computer, point and click, and it would do what I want. Trouble is, it has to be set up first.

    Trouble, yeah I know I should but don’t always. Will try to get out walking tomorrow.

    Hermit, a road trip sounds real good to me, too. Maybe a good night’s sleep will help.

    Ben, yep, that is what I need, some kid to come in here and fix everything.

    TFT, somehow I seem to forget that sometimes. I only wanted to help someone out, and got stuck doing this “rush” job that lasted over a month so far. If not for that, I would not have had to buy a new computer.