Wondering about wild grapes

Friday, December 9, 2011

Wondering about fall color this year.

It seems to me that the oak trees are showing a lot more color this fall than I have remembered them doing.  Do you suppose it has something to do with the drought and the rains we had in the last half of November?  In years past, it seemed to me that each oak tree changed color on their own schedule and not all at the same time.  Not that way this year.  Although they don’t get brightly colored, there is color tones to the brown they are turning; mostly a red tone to the brown.  Let’s see, that would be a rust color, right?  Here are a few pictures I took around the house:

Got to go get the newest addition motor-home ready to take down and get the oil and filters changed in the engine and the generator. Since I don’t know how many miles have been on the engine or hours on the generator since the last oil change, want its life with me to start off with fresh oil and filters. I know nothing at all about diesels, and I thought the gal told me on the phone when I made the appointment that it would take 12 gallons of oil. Wow, now that is a lot unless she meant to say quarts. I guess with that big of an oil reservoir, you could go quite a few miles before changing it. I didn’t get any information on the engine, but I did get info on the generator. Going to use Rotella oil. Everyone says that is one of the best. Anyone out there now what is recommended for a Cat engine? Too late to change oil types now, appointment is in two hours. That reminds me, I got to get going and get things ready.

BTW, I had to go to Houston yesterday to meet with my customer and agree on what was needed to finish up this job. We both seem to be satisfied with the answer. Have a great Friday, you hear?


  1. My trees are covered in heavy frozen snow. Conditions slowly changed from rain to snow, allowing everything to freeze on the branches. Some branches and trees came down -but it's pretty.

    Rotella is good oil. My truck takes 12 quarts, so that might be what she said.

    Most people don't service generators enough, so new oil there is a good idea. At least with fresh oil in everything, you'll be able to establish a schedule.

    Have fun with that new buggy.

  2. I finally got around to answering comments on yesterdays blog, and I told you that I sent the cold stuff up your way. We had enough of the mid 20 temps and are now getting back to the 70's with lows higher than the highs we had the last couple of days.

  3. My trees didn't follow their normal routine this year either. I "think" it was all related to the lack of normal rain fall. They just didn't follow the normal routine
    I even had some of them and other plants start up trying to bud out once we got some or the rain lately.
    Fortunately I only lost one big ole Pine tree out front.

    AND I noticed lately that the Easter Lilly out back had started it's growth to bloom , it's nor supposed to do that till spring in time for Easter.

  4. Dizzy, the Shell Rotella T is what I use in my motorhome. It has a CAT 3126, 330 horse. I also use the Rotella T in the Onan generator as it is diesel too. Your motorhome looks great! Good luck! Max from Illinois.

  5. Ben, the drought has everything off schedule, even me.

    Anon, That is what they put in mine and I hve four gallons extra I put in a compartment. They used an oil labeled Onan and at 15-40 weight. I need to call them and make sure what they put in it was synthetic.

  6. To make it clear, they used the Onan oil the Onan generator. Was hoping for the same oil in both.

  7. DD, Rotella is good oil. The Onan is just fine with the 15-40 also. Good that you started with fresh oil in both. Clean oil and they will last a long time.