Wondering about wild grapes

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wondering more about “the” tree.

Back a couple of days ago on my blog Cutting Down a Tree, I was asked by jimkabob if it was an oak. I told him I thought it was because most of the leaves on the ground were oak leaves. Then I remembered my old blog posting about that tree; Wondering what is attacking my trees. In that blog, if you look at the last picture posted, you can zoom in and see the leaves. They are small leaves, completely different than oak leaves. And no, they are not live oak leaves, since the tree looses its leaves every year. Then I saw on the blog So Far From Heaven by Old Jules pictures of a tree that was cut down. It looked just like the one I had to cut down. He called it a Texas Ebony tree. Here is a link to his site (Important Updates From the Middle of Nowhere – Breaking News)

So, I would say that the tree that damaged my new motor-home was a Texas Ebony tree. The inside was really pretty. Too bad it was growing where it was and leaning over my driveway. To save that tree I would have had to cut down a dozen or more just to move my drive way, and that would not make sense.

I apologize to jimkabob for giving him the wrong answer. You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Of course, until we know the Latin name, we don't really know the tree. It's surprising how many local names for plants there are.

  2. Have to keep us posted if you find it was something else!

    So many trees...so little time! Have a great day, my friend!

  3. Shame it wasn't large enough to make harvesting the black heart wood for a project or resale. OH well.. least it's gone outta your way.

  4. 6bears, how come those old Italians know what everything is (grin).

    Hermit, boy you got that right. I have been so busy today I just got around to answering the comments. Where does the time go?

    Ben, my son said he wished he had a jib to mount the chain saw in to cut boards out of the wood. Now, I guess it will just be used for fire wood. That will teach it for reaching out and smacking my new toy.