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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Word Hunt

I did this once before when I didn’t know what to write about and I am going to do it again today. I got out my big old dictionary, the one with 1716 pages. With my eyes closed, I touched a spot and opened it to that page. I then, with eyes still closed, pointed to somewhere on the pages. I opened my eyes to see what word I selected; figured it would be just some simple word that I was familiar with, right? Wrong!! The word was “aerostat”. OK, I have never heard that word, have you?

At first I figured it meant some kind of statistic about flying or maybe some kind of an air control device. You know, a thermostat controls the heat so an aerostat would control air, maybe air flow. Wrong again.

You got it figured out yet? If you do, I will have to give you credit, because I sure didn’t know what it meant. I am thinking that maybe Ben knows what it means. Do you Ben?

OK, enough is enough. This word aerostat means “an airship, balloon, or other aircraft that is lifted and sustained by means of one or more containers filled with gas lighter than air.” How many of you knew that? I sure didn’t.

Well, at least I learned a new word today.


  1. yep, old word usage, but was familiar with it

  2. No I didn't know it,If you ever find another like this one just move on to another ,easier one,lol. Blessings jane

  3. I could remember I was supposed to remember.

  4. When my youngest son was about 14 he used to do that to me - open the dictionary and find a word to see if I knew what it was. He swore I knew every word there is, but in fact, I was lucky he always picked one I had at least heard of and could figure out. It's great when you can "WOW" a 14 yr old boy!

  5. Ben, I figured you new it, since you had hot air baloons.

    Jane, Yes, I will try to find an easier one. BTW the following words were even worse.

    Frann, Yep, Cabin Fever and having an empty head. Couldn't think of anything to post.

    Barney, I use that phase a lot my self.

    Gypsy, Yes Gypsy, it is great to WOW a 14 year old, since all teenagers know everything.