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Friday, February 11, 2011

Continued as promised from Jan 5th.

Back on January 5, 2011, I posted a blog where I showed this quick sketch:

and told you that I was planning to make a painting of it. For some reason, I didn’t seem to take any time to work on it. A partially finished painting sitting there looking at me saying “finish me”. Well, last night I did just that.

Sorry that the picture of the painting came out so dark. Hope you can make out most of it and critique it like you did all my other paintings. I learned a lot from your comments. You will not hurt my feeling, sock it to me. After I quit crying and sobbing, I will be all right (grin).

My wife points out flaws in my painting all the time. At first I disagree with her, but after I sit and stare at the painting, I realize that she is usually right. OK, you got me there, I will correct that statement. My wife is ALWAYS right. Now, is that better?

Have a good upcoming weekend. The weather here is supposed to be fabulous. Hope it also is where you life.


  1. I think it's beautiful - I don't look at the technical side of painting - just what is pleasing to my eye, and this is certainly pleasing.

  2. Where did you learn to paint like that? Or is it just a talent. I like it. Very nice. Blessings jane

  3. I think serene when I look at your painting. Very good..

  4. Looks pretty darn good to me! Very pleasing to look at!

    Good job, buddy!

  5. Hey!! NO ONE knows what YOUR picture is supposed to look like.. Ignore all the naysayers.. If you like, Then it's fine..
    Personally I like it.

  6. Gypsy, thank you, I am glad it pleases you

    Jane, I started painting about a year and a half ago. I just started, I could always sketch and make black and white drawings, but never did any color stuff. I have a lot to learn, but am not under any time restrictions, so can do it at my leisure.

    Pidge, I do believe that the desert is serene and these ruins at Terlingua depict an era much less stressed than most of us have now.

    Hermit, thanks for complement. I wanted to do more with it, but my wife said I should quit. I think she was right.

    Ben, you are absolutely right. But I do like to be pointed in the right direction. I got a lot of helpful suggestions on the last batch that I put on the blog for critique.

  7. My 'Painting' is usually done with a roller!

    I never progressed beyond 'Stick People' in my art!

    I admire anyone who can draw! It ain't me, that's for sure!