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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mid-Week Bog-Down

Mid-week bog down? Not with me, I am pretty bogged down every day. The older I get the deeper the bog gets. I can remember the good old days when I could run on the surface, now I sink in pretty deep.

I guess the “bog” has always been just as deep but the speed at which you run is what determines how deep you will sink. I don’t run nearly as fast as I used to. When I sink in up to my neck, I plan to speed up. But, then it will probably be too late. So, I guess I better put the pedal to the medal and get myself going. Surfing or skiing on top of the bog is much better than sinking in over my head.

This got me thinking about my swamp and what my youngest son did one day. He put a propeller on the end of gasoline powered weed-eater. He then put the canoe in the swamp and fired up the weed-eater and stuck the prop end into the water. Wow, he just zoomed across the swamp like a jet sky and I bet he trimmed a few weeds on the way.

It was quite maneuverable and very fast. Actually, I thought he had a great idea. Probably wouldn’t need a license since there was no motor mounted to the canoe. It was just a power paddle (grin). . .


  1. Very good post Dizzy, I laughed about the weed eater! Great idea though. As far as the bog,well we all get that way sometimes.But I agree it's worse as we get older.Blessings jane

  2. I think I've been in that swamp for about a year now, trying to keep my head above water and avoid the crocs and gators and snakes that are always around. I guess I could use a weed eater to propel my way out. Thanks for the laugh this morning.

  3. Jane, Glad you enjoyed the post. Maybe we should patent the motorized paddle (grin).

    Gypsy, Getting unstuck is harder than getting in, right? Of course when the water lillies bloom, it will give you renewed strength to pull yourself out. Glad you stopped by today.