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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wondering why I like working at home.

I can stop wondering now. I had a meeting in northwest Houston yesterday. It was planned very well to avoid any traffic problems and the location sounded easy to get to. The time was set for early afternoon. Everything was timed for the easiest commute.

Now, I have not been to Houston for a couple of years. I still have all those fond memories of sitting hours on end in backed up traffic. All it takes is one minor incident and in a few seconds, traffic is backed up for miles. Houston traffic jams are a dynamic thing. They change positions and sizes with time. The blockage seems to move upstream from the origin with time, so after some time has passed, you would have no idea where it had begun, except like yesterday when the Northwest Fwy had a multiple vehicle accident and created a huge jam.

I was lucky, although my meeting was located near the intersection of the Norhtwest Fwy and Beltway 8 (the toll road), I was unaffected by the jam. In reality, my trip went easily with no problems, but even at that time of day, the traffic was very, very heavy. This ole country boy driving along playing a bluegrass CD just seemed way out of place (and felt that way, too). I had forgotten just how bad the Houston traffic was at anytime of any day.

It was a journey of just shy of 50 miles for me and it only took me an hour and a half. The first half hour was used up just getting to Interstate 45 at Conroe. I took I-45 to the Beltway (toll road) and was suppose to get off at the Southwest Fwy exit, but missed the off ramp and had to go to the next exit and back track. That was not too hard, had a little help from my GPS and an associate on the cell phone who was waiting for me in the parking lot.

All went well and I got back home in one piece. I wasn’t even the worse for wear. Now I know why I have worked for myself out of my home office for almost the last 20 years. I actually started working on my own in 1984, 27 years ago, but did take on some full time jobs and projects since then. It has been an interesting adventure and still is. The work I get is always something new and different. I may not have made a fortune but I sure was never bored. This meeting was about something very new, so if I do get work out of it, it will be another new and interesting project.

You all have a good rest of the week.


  1. Ah!!! Houston traffic. Yep I just loved it to for the 10 years I lived there. Nothing like taking 3 hours to get 30 miles. The freeway parties after it rains and you're stuck on an overpass waiting for the water to recede is not priceless! Maybe sometimes entertaining though. Especially if someone wades to a near by store that isn't under water and returns with beer.

  2. Houston traffic get's worse every year. The new construction can not keep up and I am so happy no to be living there anymore.

  3. When I did live down there it always amazed me on the freeway at 70, you could turn on your blinker and they would let you in.. Not up here , they just cut you off.

  4. like u, hate to get into big city traffic, and when im told i need to do something in austin, 4th worst in nation, i just dont do it, any more. so rarely need to go there, im a danger to others now, get tooooo uptight n nervous in it. this little town, pop 3000, is enough for me! lol

  5. David, Yep, I have sat for hours with my bladder almost bursting. I remember those days even though I have tried to forget them. I only worked for campany for two years, and that was enough.

    Frann, I am sure you are right. I would hate to see what it is like anymor during rush hour. Never could understand why it "rush" when you have to sit in traffic jams.

    Ben, I have lived both places and you are correct, they will let you in, usually. I lived in the Detroit area for a year or so and that was completely different. When a red light turned green, everyone in line hit the gas and if you didn't you got rear-ended. Down here the first one goes, then the second one, then the third one, then. . . .

    Trouble, When I moved here the sign said a population of 300 some, now it says almost 1200. Getting too crowded for me (grin). When I go shopping, I just go to small towns most of the time.

  6. I remember the houston traffic. I always hated it! Glad I don't live there any more. Hope you don't need to travel to houston too often Blessings jane

  7. Jane, that was the first time in almost 2 years, and I must admit, at the time of day I was on the roads, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Glad you don't have to put up with it anymore.