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Monday, February 14, 2011

Fretting over Guitar Stands

OK, a little play on words. I have an Ovation guitar. Had it for a lot of years. You know the one that Glen Campbell made famous. Anyway, since it has an aluminum neck that is very straight, it is adjusted for very little clearance between the top of the frets and the bottom of the strings. Some of the frets up near the end of the neck where a large percentage of the chords are played have worn down and when a string is depressed the vibrations can make it hit frets on down toward the body.

I want to replace some frets. I stopped at a couple of music shops and they don’t seem to know anything about old Ovations. One guy thought that the whole neck had to be replaced. I don’t think so! I need to find better music stores that know what they are doing and stock the frets I need to replace the worn ones.

This guitar has a parabolic back, supposedly to create a better sound. It doesn’t when I play it, but I had a friend, Mike Guthrie, who could make it sound really good. Yes, his cousin was Arlo.

Anyway, since today is my birthday, the other day I bought myself a present. Got a guitar stand. I don’t think they make any for this guitar. It just barely fits in the one I bought and can not lean back because the parabolic back side is too wide. It stands straight up and looks like it is ready to fall over with the slightest jar. But the center of gravity must be back far enough that it seems fairly stable. It is just a little hard getting it placed in the stand so that it will stay.

Guess I will have to keep my eyes open for a better one. Maybe when I find a better music shop as I said I wanted to above. And no, I ain’t going to get a different guitar. I like this one.

You all have a happy Valentine’s Day and don’t eat too much candy nor kiss too much. . .


  1. I was spoiled by the folks who sold me my first clarinet. They not only had a huge business of supplying all the schools in Vermont and other states with school band instrument but they also had a first class repair shop.

    Whenever a pad would come loose, I took the clarinet back to the shop they usually fixed it right there on the spot or gave me a 'loaner' if the repair would take some time.

    After moving to Florida, I quickly learned how 'Spoiled' (well taken care of, really) I was.

    Repair shops charged $80 per hour and I had to package the instrument, and send it to a shop in another state or wait months for some 'Bench Time'!

    So, I said to myself, "Self, you are as smart as the folks in that Vermont repair shop, you have to fix this thing yourself!"

    I bought $125 worth of various thicknesses of cork, some Duco cement, and learned how to take it apart and reassemble it.

    Talk about your 'tiny screws' Wowzah!

    I got pretty good at it and even solved some 'key' problems on my own. I shared my 'solution' with Kathy, the gal in Vermont at place where I bought the clarinet in the first place.

    So there you have it Dick, 'That's my story and I'm-a-stickin-to-it!

  2. Yep Ernest, you got the right idea, fix it yourself. I am looking for a small enough yet strong punch to knock the old ones out and the new ones in. But first, I must find the right replacement frets.

  3. Ernest,you sound like me.. Think my first one was from one of the national places that provided instruments for HS bands. My first was one of the metal ones ,. after I proved that I was serious about it, I moved up to Good model.
    I too learned real quick how to re pad keys and replace cork. I got so good I got a scholarship to college with mine.
    Sadly my last one was stolen at a break in at the college in about 1966 and I haven't picked up one since.

  4. guitar center in any town seemed to know what they were doing with my old silvertone Dick.

    as for stands, I just bought two of the small neck wall mounts. you just screw em into the wall and then hang the guitar on it. cost $14

  5. Happy Birthday. You won't mind if I don't kiss you will you?

  6. First of all, happy birthday, and have a wonderful day.

    Have you searched the internet to find guitar frets for the acoustic Ovation? I believe the US made guitars are still made and repaired at their factory somewhere in CT, so if you find that place I'm sure they would have what you need. Hopefully you can phone and talk with a live person.

  7. Happy Birthday, my friend! I do hope your day is a special one...and that you find the pieces you need to fix up your guitar!

    Good luck on finding a good stand. Have you thought about having one made? Might be the way to go!

  8. too late...my lips are killing me and my candy is all gone.
    P.S. Happy Birthday!

  9. Ben, sorry to hear you never picked one up again. I had an accident and put my teath through my upper lip, and that ended my trumpet playing days (never was really good at it).

    Nick, I live close to Houston and I am sure I can find what I want there, but I just HATE going to a big city.

    Fran, thanks for the BD wishes.

    Old Fool, No, and you better not try (grin)

    Gypsy, thanks and no I haven't yet. I usually let little problems just simmer awhile, that gives me more time to complain about them.

    Hermit, Thanks for the good wishes, and I am sure I will find the parts. Just have to get up off my donky. Good idea, may draw up some plans.

    Ezrablu, Gee, glad to hear you have already had such a great Valentine's Day, but sorry to hear that your candy is all gone. I broke down and bought myself a half gallon of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream the day before last and have been celebrating every night (grin).

  10. Happy birthday,and v day . Blessings jane

  11. My brother in-law the musician said about your fret
    get them at http://www.facebook.com/l/d456b;musiciansfriend.com an does he know how to do it cuz it takes tools to do the job right even if he's replacing 4 or 5 you need a fret puller an fret files the frets dont cost that much but the tools add to the cost if he doesnt have them may be better off having it done some Ovation guitars are really nice an worth having the whole thing refretted it make such a big difference"

  12. Jane, thanks for the happy wishes.

    Frann, I am ignorant when it comes to repairing guitars. I thought you just used a punch and knoched the frets out and pounded in new ones. I am glad you told me otherwise. Guess I will head down toward the big city and see if I can find someone capable of doing it. Thank you for the advice.

  13. Just stopped by to wish you a Happy Birthday and a Happy Valentines to you and yours!

    BTW, I would LOVE to have a recording of you fingerpicking some cool classical guitar stuff like you used to do. If you're ever in the mood and don't mind sharing :-) that is.


  14. Scuba, your blog dissapeared from my dashboard. Did you quite writing one? And Happy Birthday and V-dat to you also.

  15. nope, just changed the security settings. I'll send you a new evite.