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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pig Update

OK, I have spent over two hours just reading blogs and trying to think of something to say. Well, it is Saturday morning and I am brain dead today, so just can’t think of anything. Then I said to myself “Self, there is always the Pig”.

Great idea, so I grabbed my camera and ran outside. Dang, she wasn’t in her normal spot. But this story had a happy ending.

The “Pig” was lying near a big old oak tree with a smaller male that has been running with her for a long time. Although I get really mad at her for tearing up my yard and stirring up my dogs and scaring my wife, I must admit that she does come in handy when I can’t think of anything to write about in my blog.

I took the following pictures while standing in the dogs’ back yard. The pigs were lying on the strip of land between my back yard and my swamp.

And here is close-up.  You can just barely see the rear end of the smaller, darker male lying behind her:

Well, that is it for today.  Maybe by tomorrow, my brain will start working again.  Of course, I am not sure if it ever did work. .  .


  1. That's a lot of bacon right there! I saw on the history channel where there has been an explosion in the population of wild pigs all over America! Especially in the South!

    I know they are plentiful in East Texas! Noisy when they want to be!

  2. my sis lives 8 miles w of town on the river, saw bear tracks crossing the road wed. (we dont have bear here), then next nite had coyotes at the back of her house, dogs trying to tear down fence. never know what ull c on this Llano river. i live just up n over a hill from it, but in town. no telling what i miss during the nite. loveee it!!

  3. Hermit, the male is prbably about 200 pounds and it looks like a baby beside "Big Mamma" Pig. Lots of bacon, for sure.

    Trouble, it is surprising all the different wildlife that there is out there, especially along river bottoms. I have stayed a few times at the KOA on the Llano at Junction and always see deer, etc.

  4. I still say that wild hog would make up some good sausage and chili making meat!!!

  5. Dizzy, kill those pigs and eat them! Just think free food. If I had those pigs in my back yard, they wouldn't be there long,lol.Blessings jane

  6. DD, I think this a fine well-thought-out post. I helped my ex father-in-law raise pigs (for sale for meat and for our consumption, too) in the early 90s. I kept a runt. Named him Pee Wee and he was quite entertaining. And smart! Pigs are smart. Later, we trapped some javelina (yes, I know officially they are not pigs but) and kept them in pens near the domestics. They were quite entertaining, too. They escaped at night and made the one mile trip to my back patio, laid out of the chaise lounges on the patio, and had a big ole party every night. Come morning, they made the one mile trip back and got back in the pens. Crazy animals!

  7. I read about the explosion of wild hogs, too. The authorites were going to kill them in the most inhumane way, and then not even feed the meat to the hungry.

    I would imagine that the meat from the wild ones would taste a lot better than some poor stressed-out pig that has suffered cruel factory farming and been shot full of antibiotics and toxins.

    It was a great post today, and I hope your visitors bring you more hours of pleasure, without doing any damage to you or yours.

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  8. Ben, I am sure it would. Come on down and take it home with you.

    Jane, that would be way too much for me to eat, especially since I very seldom eat anything except chicken.

    Ginger, these are feral hogs. The female showed up years ago, moved in with my son’s dogs and then took off on her own. Came back and had a litter of little ones. Don’t know what happened to them. Now there is a male running with her. She spends a lot of her time around my place. I think she likes the swamp. I can’t see it from my house, but I am sure she likes the water. A lot of the time she beds down during the day under some brush just behind my house.

    Penny, I guess I am just a softy, but I can bring myself to kill her. She only becomes extra dangerous when she has young ones. I’m afraid that may happen again, since she has a friend now.

  9. Dizzy, you're the only one I know of whom made a complete post of not known what to post about, and still have it come out okay. I wouldn't sweat not knowing what to talk about. After all, I once went a solid 2 months without an update. My loyal readers (aka, the YL) didn't seem to mind so much.