Wondering about wild grapes

Monday, February 21, 2011

Just a wondering

A friend who moved up north from here in Texas sent us a picture of a frozen lake with a sign that read, “Swimming Prohibited”. Now, what I am wondering about, since it is frozen over, is it legal to walk on it? Or are those signs just another form of “no trespassing” signs?

 In the summer, can you boat on it?

 If you fall out of the boat or off the shore, you would have to drown, since it is illegal to swim, right?

What if I just waded or floated?

Dang, aint life confusing?


  1. Hey Dizzy!!!! Too much deep thinking this early.. Have another cup of coffee and relax some! :-)

  2. LOL...we used to drive on the frozen lakes and do donuts with our cars!

  3. Signs signs, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLm3HMG8IhM

  4. Hey Ben, I only do shallow thinking.

    Frann, Yep, but now I live in the south, where people just do donuts in the ice-house parking lot.

    Ben, Got a good laugh out of those signes.

  5. Too much ice up north for me! Only ice I want to see is in my "ice tea glass"!

    Is it Spring yet?

  6. Hermit, I couldn't have said it any better; I feel exactgly the same.