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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Did you miss me?

First day I missed a post since I started blogging. Did you miss me? Took the day off, had other things that needed attention.

Didn’t have anything to say yesterday and not much today. Almost everyone had bad weather yesterday. We were supposed to get up to 3” of snow, but instead we got an ice storm that pretty much closed down Houston. Didn’t bother me any, since I didn’t have anywhere that I needed to be.

Remember my post about the mistletoe? Well the day before yesterday, when that front blew through here, some of it was blown out of the tree. Here is a picture of a sprig of it:

Last evening, the ice was still around. Just before the sun set, I snapped this picture of the ice sparkling in an oak tree. Actually looked better in person:

The ice was not all pretty. Less than a mile from me there was a fatal accident on the bridge over Caney Creek. The news said Houston had over 800 reported accidents. A baby was born while the mother was stuck trying to get to the hospital. Yesterday will have stories told about it for years to come.

How did you make out at your place?


  1. I kept checking for your blog all day long, and I'm glad you are okay and back in business. The cold is a fact we all have to accept, it seems. Maybe extremely hot summers and extremely cold winters are the way of the future? It's not a pleasant thought, and in mind one is just as bad as the other.

  2. Was nasty enough for me to decide I didn't really need to go anywhere!

    Watching all those fools trying to drive on the freeway was good entertainment! Why would folks subject themselves to that on purpose?

    Glad you are OK and happy to see you back on the air! Watch out for that falling ice!

  3. You know everyone needs a day away from the blogosphere every once in awhile.
    I just love your picture of the "ice trees". I will admit that this is one of those times I don't miss living down there. We got a couple of feet of snow here but were lucky enough not to get the ice. As this is my first winter in a place that actually gets a little snow every year I'm enjoying it. That is quickly wearing off though!!

  4. Yes Dizzy, you were missed! Looked for your post all day,and even later last night. Glad everyone is ok. The ice trees are pretty. Sad about the wrecks. Blessings jane

  5. 80 and sunny here yesterday ( sorry bout that lol)

  6. Gypsy, We usually have extremely hot summers and every now and then we do have some winter. This has not been the worst one. Sorry I hid for a day.

    Hermit, that is for sure on the falling ice. It sounded like it was raining out today in the bright sun.

    SciFi, Glad you liked the ice tree picture. It looked so much better in person. I lived 36 years years in Pennsylvania and know what snow is.

    Jane, Gee, I am glad I was missed. Sorry you hunted and couldn't find me. Yes, wreck was bad.

    Spud, enjoy it and don't feel sorry. A little bad weather makes me enjoy the good.