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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Iced Tea poll results, etc.

Thank you all for participating in my poll on iced tea. The question was whether you took it sweetened or unsweetened. Of the eight comments, four liked it sweet and four liked it unsweetened. Of course, since I like it straight up (unsweetened), I will break the tie. I was surprised that it was so close. It just goes to show you that we in America are not afraid to be different than the other fellow.

I am sure that there are subjects that we could all agree on; well, most of us, anyway. But in most things we are divided. That is why our government has worked as well as it has over the last 235 years. That is why there are two distinct political parties. I bet that we would be pretty much equally divided on almost every subject.

You all need to go to Ben’s blog, An Older Texan Remembers, and click on the link to the story about the air rifle that Lewis and Clark took on their expedition.  I had never heard of it and was amazed.


  1. Well I would debate over two distinct political parties, I think they are all crooks. Nothing Changed.

  2. I agree that we each have our preferences and it works very well that we are divided on some issues. The thing is, we are (most of us anyway), Americans first!

    So I'll stay an Unsweetened tea American.

  3. Diversity thats what it's all about! As for the political thing I think they all stink!!! Blessings jane

  4. Defending the right of other folks to say what they think is part of what it's all about!

    Agreeing to disagree...!

  5. I know of your friendship with the wild pigs and therefore when I received a package of pigs ears the other day and absolutely no one around here had any idea what to do with them, I thought of you. What the heck do you do with pigs ears, how do you fix, cook, smoke, etc. them.
    By the way sweetened, because around here most coffee and tea has to be moderated in some way or it will stand up and kick butt.

  6. Frann, agree with you for the most part.

    Gypsy, Amen to “we are Americans first”. And, yes, I will stay with unsweetened.

    Jane, diversity is great, if we all liked the same thing, it wouldn’t last long. . .

    Hermit, I agree t agree with you. (this time)

    Bob, I never dined on pigs’ ears, but I heard that dogs love them. Or you could make a purse from a sow’s ear, I have heard. As far as coffee goes, I like good coffee made quadruple strong.

  7. In a restaurant ice is cheeper than tea so they fill the glass full of ice than add tea. what you get is watered down tea.so if you add sugar to that you get sugar water that has a hent of tea.That is why at restaurant I drink water or coffee.

  8. The key to good sweet tea is to add the sugar to the fresh brewed tea before you start adding water.

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