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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is it Spring yet?

Has Spring sprung around here? Heck, I thought it had, all those nice days in the 70’s and the balmy nights with the frogs yelling their heads off out there in my swamp. Well, that all came to an end just before 06:00 this morning. A cold front came charging through here slamming into all this warm, balmy, humid air and everything just exploded. Wham-Bang, all “you know what” broke loose. High winds, hail, rain, wind, lightning, and of course a very sharp drop in temperatures. At least, so far, the white stuff is staying up Ben’s way.

Do you think this change in our weather was brought on by the Pittsburgh Steelers coming down to Cowboy Stadium for the “big” game? That will make them feel right at home. I guess it will be the same for Green Bay. It was really very nice of the Dallas-Fort Worth area to be so accommodating. I just wish that they would have kept it all up there and not bothered to share it with us, also.

Temperatures are supposed to plummet and be below freezing for many hours during this coming week. I have a couple of tarps thrown over my well, pump, and pressure tanks. Sometime today, I will get a trouble light going under the tarps to keep anything from freezing.

For years, I always told all my friends that live up north that the last two weeks in January and the first two weeks in February are usually the worst, if we do have winter. Of course I only admitted that after I had told them that last year, winter was on a Thursday. . .

I remember some bad winters in this area. So far, this one has not been high on the list, but it is sure working its way up. Potato planting time is the middle of February, so that gives you gardeners an example of when Spring time comes to this area. I do remember times when I had to hill dirt up over the potato plants when a late frost was expected to arrive.

Last night the frogs and owls were telling me that Spring was almost here. OK, I am waiting.


  1. You call that winter? We've got nine months of winter and three months of poor skiing.

    Throw a tarp over your water equipment? Here we have to bury water lines at least 6 feet underground. 8 is better.

    Can't wait to head south. I'll go south until I thaw out. If I get to get Key West and it's still cool, that's where I'll launch the boat and head further south.

  2. We have had a few days of unexpected warmish weather,no 70's! The weather man was saying lots of ice,and some snow for here,but they changed it to rain and storms. Don't want the storms,but don't want ice either. So not complaining here.Stay in and stay warm. Blessings jane

  3. Sixbears, I can imagine how bad winters can get up your way. I used to live 30 or so miles north of Pittsburgh, PA. It was the short gloomy days that got to me. Of course, you got longer days up there in the summer than we do.

    Jane, No, you don't want the storms. Conditions were right for a tornado, and they always make me a little nurvous. Temperature is dropping like a lead balloon. Hope the front weakens before it gets to you (not sure where you live)

  4. last year, winter was on a Thursday!!!!! I am so using that!

  5. Don't miss 'Wintah et all' comin from Na-hamphaah, I know all about 'Wintah'!

    Now a days if I want to see ice, I go to the sup-pah maah-ket, and look-et all the fish in the glass case!

    Tha's nuff 'Wintah f'me, Ayup!

  6. I saw that line of storms down your way. We got a bit of it too up here. As this is my first winter up "North" I'm riding it out. LOL Looks like this is your year to have a winter!

  7. Frann, I used that expression since I moved down here. You are welcome to it, I don't mind sharing.

    Ernest, you just might want to get your old coat back out. May be on its way to you, too. Now, since you moved from New Hampshire, surely you didn't throw your warm clothes away??

    SciFi-I guess everywhere has its good points, but even with this unusual weather, I am still glad I moved here. Of course in the winter Hawaii would be nicer than Alaska, unless you like the dark.

  8. Still getting fresh tomatoes out back in the garden. Had to cover em a couple times when we had a winter day lol

  9. I blame the Pittsburgh Steelers! They cause trouble were ever they go! Go Green Bay! :-)

    Take care and have a great week :-)


  10. Spud, Dang, fresh tomatoes!! Where do you live? Panama?

    Old Geezer, You know, you might be right, but GO Steelers :-)