Wondering about wild grapes

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wondering where this week went.

I can’t believe it is the weekend already and I didn’t do half of what I wanted to get done this past week.  Where did all the time go?  The one thing my body has learned over the years is that it is a lot easier to not do something than to do it.  My mind tells me that it is better for my body and attitude if I get off my rear and get things done.  My body actually feels better if it has had some activity, but at my age, I have to be careful of what that activity is.  Walking about a mile or two at a time at a quick pace always makes me feel great.  My wife and I did that over the winter when the temperatures where not so hot.  Now that the thermometer is bumping 100 and the percent humidity is not far behind, outside walking has become a thing of the past.  Then, too, I have a knee that I twisted and it bothers me some.  Now, if you give me a chance, I can come up with a lot more excuses for doing nothing.  Now, it does take practice to get anything right so I must get back to practicing for doing nothing.  Oh, I forgot; this is Flea Market day.

We have received a good share of rain but could use a little more.  At least this summer is starting out wetter than last summer.  How much rain you ask?  Well I don’t know.  Last year I purchased a new rain gauge to put up but have not gotten to it yet.  Guess I will add that to my “to do” list.  Another thing that keeps me from getting stuff done is that my “to do” list is getting so long that it takes almost the whole day to read it and decide what to do next.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow, right?  You all have a great weekend, you hear?


  1. My Friday project just stretched into Monday. That's one place the week goes. Everything takes longer and cost more. Oh well.

  2. Hey!!! About all that walking out in the wild wild World of yours. How bout a couple of tread mills hooked up to a generator? Then as you jog INSIDE ( and watch TV) you could recharge the Bus batteries (just need a little bit of cabling to reach out there to it.)

    That's my idea for you and I'm sicking to it.

  3. Wonder if thinking about exercise counts for anything?

    Easier to move about if you have fun doing it!

  4. Sixbears, those short simple projects do seem to stretch out for ever.

    Ben, I use a Gazele in the house and my wife has a Paladi she uses.

    HJ, yes I think that thinking about it woks just fine, however thinking about the "to do" list doesn't seem to get much of it done.

  5. Well, i'm "thinking' about it,,sure am tired too.