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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wondering about a new shed.

It is hard for me to write a blog today since my friend Ben is gone and I miss him and I miss reading his daily posts.  But, he was the one that got me started in this blogging thing and he would want me to carry on.  As you know from a previous blog, I got myself a new lawn tractor.  It has just been sitting beside the house covered with a tarp when not in use and my wife suggested that I get a building to keep it in.  So I went to Home Depot and looked at their buildings and found one that had a door wide enough to get the tractor in.  It has a ten by ten foot floor plan.  Floor plan?  It is just a square open space inside, nothing fancy.  They delivered it Friday and I am going to have to unpack the bundle and try and get it set up somewhere, but where?  First we got to go to the flea market and after that, maybe I can figure out where to put it.  I suppose I ought to get a few of those thin cement blocks to sit the building on to keep it up off the ground.  If any of you want to come by and give this old man a helping a hand I would appreciate it.  Nah, don’t do that, I would rather do it myself.  My wife is a good supervisor and will not let me do anything wrong; of course it seems I can’t do anything right most of the time (grin).  Now you all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Yep, Dizzy ..we too are having a tough time reading blogs this morning.

    Good luck with the tractor shack.


  2. Thanks for commenting. Ben always seemed to be the first one to comment on my blog. Sure going to miss that guy. Do you write a blog? If not, you should give it a try. Like Ben said, be careful, it is addicting.

  3. Ben will be missed by many he never knew.

    I'd love to help with your shed, but the 4000 mile round trip is a bit of an issue.

    Good luck!

  4. Might want to allow room for a spare bunk...just in case you make Momma mad, ya know?

    Just don't overdo it in this heat!

  5. Yeah, he got me started too, about the same time as you. Every time i think about quitting, i realize this is my journal. Beats writing it by hand.
    YOU take care doing anything out in this heat! Too horrible to think about losing someone else, and WHERE IS BB?????

  6. Sixbears, just got back from getting some one inch thick foot sqoare cement blocks. Probably should have gotten the two inch thk. Ones. I guess 4000 miles is a good enough excuse.

    HJ, got a spare in the RV, of course it is still out getting a new awning and power window motor. So I better be nice at least til it gets back here.

    Trouble, nah, don't quit. BB is still in Georgia as far as I know. He probably took the news about Ben real hard, like I did.

  7. Hey, Dizzy, these folks just tearing down their shed, maybe you can get some pointers on how that had it all put together. You'll always be right, unless you're left!


  8. Russ, I checked out the site you suggested. Maybe they could run down here to Texas from New York and give me a hand (grin). I got hook up. . .

  9. Ben's daughter Autumn is hosting a reception in Ben's honor on Tuesday, June 26 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at Steven's Garden and Grill at 223 Depot Street in Mansfield, TX www.stevensgardenandgrill.com/ location. It is casual and come and go.

  10. "Ben's daughter Autumn is hosting a reception in Ben's honor on Tuesday, June 26 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at Steven's Garden and Grill at 223 Depot Street in Mansfield, TX www.stevensgardenandgrill.com/ location."

    Anyone going to it, through or near Houston, please email me at rsvpta at aol. Maybe we can get the poor orphans here, if they haven’t found a home in the next couple of days.

    I don't think Ben would want them to be put to sleep and I haven't heard back from the No-Kill Shelters in the Mansfield area yet.

    Let's make sure Ben's 'carpet sharks' have a Happy Ending.

    Penny, Lake Conroe, North of Houston, TX

  11. sorry to hear about Ben. I hope your tractor likes it's new home. My daughter Eva, 10 years old, wants one of those sheds from Home Depot for she is tired of sharing a bedroom with her sister. she was saving money for the shed but decided to use her money for acting camp instead.

  12. I'm one who always wanted to do things myself, and never wanted to put anyone out helping me. I'm changing because I find I can really use help now, and because I think it's a good idea to let someone else get the satisfaction in their life by helping another. It's a win-win situation, so swallow your pride if anyone offers.

  13. Penny, I sent an email to you.

    Jill, It was just too hot for me to do much of anything outside today. If you insulate and put an interior wall in, they would make a nice little house for someone.

    Gypsy, You know the old saying "Mother!! I would rather do it myself". Well, I am kind of like that and I hate to bother people. My son broke his back a couple of years ago and has rods and screws and stuff in it and I really hate to ask him for physical help, but will when I really need it.