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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wondering, “What the H”.

Now, what the heck else is going wrong with my RV?  Where the “H” is my “H”?  I suppose I got you confused, but I want to know where my “H” went to.  OK, let me explain.  The name of my RV is on the front; “Dutch Star”.  The word is in black glued on letters and somewhere, sometime when I had the unit out on the roads, the “H” disappeared.  Now my wife says I have to get that fixed.  Well, probably the easiest thing to do is take off all the other letters, right?  Guess I will have to order a letter “H”.  Bet I have to get the whole name, what do you think?  I guess it will not steer straight or something since it is missing a letter.  I miss a lot of letters, since I do not spell very well, so it doesn’t bother me.  Since it is the last letter in a word, I just wonder how many people would really notice it and even if they do, it wouldn’t bother me.  I would just tell them that I forgot to run the spell checker (grin).  OK, off to the flea market.  A fellow I talked to last weekend told me he would bring me a guitar case especially built for a deep dish Ovation.  I looked up the serial number and discovered that my guitar was built in the 1960’s.  The case it came in was not original but it fits in it well but it is getting old and the lining is deteriorating.  You all have an “H” of a good day now, you hear?


  1. I had trouble with the graphics & letters on my 5th wheel peeling off, and wished I could just scrape it all off. I dislike graphics and a lot of paint on RV's, but I saw a motorhome on an RV lot that was completely painted white. It looked weird being so plain. By the way, I'd never bother with the "H" but then I'm lazy!

  2. If the missing letter doesn't affect the gas mileage...forget about it!

    You can't see it from the inside anyway, right?

    1. I'm with HermitJim on this one, forget it.

      There is a blog called Dave "Dods" off to Mexico in which the RV's name is "Dod". It is so named because the last two letters are missing from the front of the hood. It is not a problem it is a "feature".

  3. Isn't that what those permanent markers are for?

  4. Gypsy, my class-C graphics and letters were peeling but these letters are are raised three dimensional individual letters. Some day I will replace it. All one color is bad if it is purple or pink or. . . you get the idea.

    HJ, you are so right about that. In fact it may even save some fuel, like a drop every thousand miles or so. And no, I can't see it from the inside but my wife has a good memory.

    Trouble, I thought about that, but then decided I would wait and see if I can get a replacement.

  5. I don't notice stuff like missing H's. I've had a crack in the lower edge of my Yukon's windshield for 3 or more years. passes inspection and is not in my line of vision.

  6. Like Hermit Jim said if it doesn't affect the fuel mileage and I can't see it from the inside, no hurry replacing it.

  7. Well you know how the saying goes...if mother ain't happy, no one else is :)

  8. MsB, oh I know that all too well. . .

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