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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wondering about Fort Davis Observatory and Ben’s Memorial.

I have been near Fort Davis and its observatory many, many times but was always in a hurry to get to someplace else, so never stopped.  I need to stop sometime since I really love astronomy.  Of course I know that I would not be allowed to use the four big telescopes.  I would prefer to tour the place in the daytime when the scopes are not in use.  I have never seen a telescope bigger than the one I own and would like to see the observatory as a whole.

Did you know that back years ago that a fellow ran into the dome and fired three shots from a handgun into the 107 inch mirror?  I have no idea why he did it but I do know that a reflector mirror that size would be very expensive and take a long time to build or repair.  Fortunately, it did not do extensive damage to the big scope and it still had 98 percent of its light gathering ability still intact.

My wife and I wanted to attend the memorial for Ben that will be held in Mansfield, Texas tonight, but since my wife has broken vertebrae, she is in too much pain to go that far in the Jeep and back home the same night.  We also have three dogs to worry about, and the motor-home is still in the shop.  She could stand the trip if we had the RV to use and could stay the night and the pups could come along.  I can’t leave her here alone, since she cannot even open the sliding door to let the dogs in and out.  We have another appointment with an M.D. this morning and hope they can figure something out.  We both think that this is something that will just have to heal itself.  Neither of us likes to take medication, and do not take pain meds.  I think that pain medication is just a mask over the real problem and could cause a person to hurt themselves even worse when on the pain medication.  Pain is the body’s way of warning us that there is something wrong.  OK, the pain has warned her, so hope it will get better quickly.  Now you all have a great day now, you hear.


  1. Take care of your wife Dizzy. Better to take care of the living.

  2. Sorry i disagree about the meds for pain. Hope yall find out what it is and can do something.
    Can you "borrow" your MH?

  3. Your wife's condition sounds very painful and I hope she finds relief soon. I agree that meds shouldn't be the first thing reached for when in pain, but for severe pain it helps a person relax for one thing and the body can heal itself much quicker.

  4. I guess its good that pain medication isn't easy to get because I'm always in pain and would probably OD myself trying to keep it relieved. Living with constant pain sucks though.

  5. Sixbears, I always do my best to take good care of her.

    Trouble, back in the day when I was known to take a drink or two, never had to worry about pain or pain meds (grin).

    Just got back from the M.D. and he said it was that cartlege around the bone and it would just take time. He wanted to prescribe pain meds but she didn't want any. Her choice.

    David, yes it does suck but it lets you know you are alive.

  6. An old friend and I decided years ago that if we wake up and nothing hurts, we must be dead.

  7. Barney, that is so true. I can't remember when I didn't hurt.

  8. I think Gypsy's right. The body heals quicker when it's relaxed...
    Get well soon Mrs DD...

  9. Hi DD and Ruth, I have been to McDonald Observatory twice, and it is a great place to see. I wish I could have spent more time there. That whole area around Fort Davis and the Davis Mountains is so beautiful.

    Sorry to hear that Ruth's back is still bad, hopefully some good vitamins and minerals, and she will be better soon.

    I wonder if anyone from blogland went to Ben's Memorial?

    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny.

  10. I wish your wife a speedy recovery. My mother will not take pain medication either.

    I have a neighbor lady who is always in pain but takes so much medication that she is never in her right mind and sleeps for more hours than she is awake.

    1. MsBelinda, I have two neighbors like that. They were just hooked on the pain pills. One went to rehab and it changed her life around. But the other is still not in her right mind, and has to buy more pain pills than she can get from her own doctor, and is always broke because of it.

  11. Penny and MsBelinda, thanks for your well wishes and she seems a little better tonight, but not much but since the AC went out neither of us are moving around much.

  12. Oh, No, Dick! No AC! And the MH isn't there!
    You might have to get one of those mobile inside ACs that you can move from room to room. I hope you can get it fixed soon.
    Please keep us updated, Penny