Wondering about wild grapes

Friday, June 8, 2012

Wondering about a new job.

I got a call yesterday from another old customer wanting me to do a “sketch” for him.  So, I am going to keep this real short and get on the job.  This job sounds like it will be a quick bit of work but I have been fooled before.  Some jobs in the past that I thought were going to take a long, long time got finished up in a day or two and some quickie jobs that I thought would only take an hour or two wound up taking weeks.

Thank you all for your advice on my font problem.  I decided for today’s blog that I would try something different.  I am still writing this in Word, but set the font to Arial and the size to 12.  In the blog settings I will set the font to Arial and the size to Normal.  Let’s see if that works and all the paragraphs are and look the same.

So, let me know if you think I have this font problem figured out.  The size may have been too big.  I like huge fonts because my old eyes can see it better.  But you all are the ones that are reading it (I hope) and what is best for you will be best for me.  That way we all can be happy.  Now, have a great day and I hope this will be readable.  I may have to change it after I post it just to get it right.

P.S.  It still didn't work.  The last paragraph says it is the same size and the same font but it doesn't appear that way when I preview it.  I give up!!!


  1. First two paragraphs are a smaller font than last two, but what the hey, it's in English and still readable. With the way everything computer-wise is getting so complex, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Glad you're working today, I took the day off. Days off feel better if you know everyone else is hard at it. Gee,I better go mow the grass,weedeat,cleanout the carport and wash the car.

  2. Don't worry about that font! If anyone can't read it, they can change the size themselves. You just keep on posting for us.

  3. I can read it and it makes no difference to me what size you use. I say make it easy on yourself!

  4. Don't worry about font size. Most of my on-line time is spent using a small netbook. I'm used to changing the size of the display.

  5. Personally I like the last two paragraphs text size . I was told early on into my blog to increase the text size to make it easier to read.

    But HEY<<it's your blog, what ever blows your skirt.:-)

  6. Jimkabob, they were suppose to be the same size. The only way I can keep the whole blog the same size font is to write it in one paragraph. Did that the other day and it worked.

    Trouble, I guess as long as it is readable it will work. It is just that I like things to look like I want them to look.

    HJ, Thanks, I will keep writing it but will also keep trying to make it right.

    Sixbears, I read and comment a lot on my tablet and with just the flick of the fingers I can change the sizes to suit me. I like the tablets, with the computer you can change the sizes but not as quickly or as easily.

    Ben, Now you know the reason I am going bald. I keep pulling my hair out trying to get the dang font to stay the same. . .