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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wondering about dogs.

I just read an article in Discover magazine titled “Inner Lives of Dogs”.  I am sure if someone could figure it out they would do one on cats, too.  I have been owned by cats and each one is different and their actions are hard to predict.  Dogs, on the other hand, are not as complicated, or are they.  The article states that the mind of a dog is equivalent to a two and a half year old child.  Now I have had a lot of dogs and have three now and I would say one is as smart as stated above, one is a lot smarter, and one is a lot dumber.  The article goes on to say “As far as emotions go, dogs do have them.  They have the basic emotions of joy, fear, anger, disgust, excitement, contentment, distress and even love.  A dog does not have, and will not develop, more complex emotions, like guilt, pride, contempt, and shame.”

My one dog watches TV and barks at other dogs and some selected animals.  Most dogs prefer HDTV since it is easier for them to see and probably looks more real to them.  An old fashioned TV like I have flicker at about 60 Hz whereas an HDTV flickers at a much higher rate.  Since some dogs can detect a flicker of 75 Hz, the old TVs would be harder for them to see clearly, but one of mine sure can.  That is if she is not laying here dreaming.  Yes, dogs dream.  The article also said “It is an odd fact that small dogs have more dreams than big dogs do”. . . . large dogs dream less frequently but their dreams last longer than the smaller dogs’ dreams do.

The article goes on to say that dogs can actually smile and laugh.  It gives instructions on how to imitate a dogs laugh.  I tried it and mine just ignored me.  I must not be laughing the right way or they don’t see anything funny, except me acting like a fool.  Hey, I have to be good at something and acting like a fool is one of specialties.  Now you all have a great day and wonder what your dog (or cat) is thinking about you, you hear?


  1. 1090JR, I remember that. The one thing I remember from a tv documentary the other night ( 2 things are my limit) about when dogs and humans decided to team up was that humans probably wouldn't have made it without the dog for hunting and intruder alert. Then the dogs would just go back to their day jobs as wolves.

  2. I think that animals are a lot more complex than we give them credit for!

    I know that my cat and Mom's sure seem to understand how to get our attention and Mom's can tell time! When it's time to eat, she will let you know and even show you where the pantry is, just in case you've forgotten!

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  4. Well,, you had Me laughing,,for sure. hahahahaha

  5. I had a Cairn Terrier ( Toto , wizard of oz) who would grin and then doggie laugh till he hurt just from Tummy tickles. He'd finally jump up and run over and roll on the floor till he calmed down.

    And Jimkabob is right,we need them , they don't need us.

  6. I have one dog that is so smart and patrols our yard..she is a working dog. Our Lab is a house dog, loves us and is sweet but he is dope. We two cats that are mad at me right now. The trouble is over fleas...theirs not mine!

  7. Jimkabob, taking on dogs as partners and companions was one of the best things man ever did.

    HJ, I agree, some are very intelligent but just like humans, there are a few dumb ones and they wouldn't have survived without our help.

    Trouble, glad I am good for a laugh. Humor is very important in my life.

    Ben, sounds like that dog of yours was almost human.

    Jill, no matter if they are smart or dumb, as long as they are loved they will always return that love ten fold. Now, what to do about the flea problem? How about selling them at a flea market?

  8. Haha. My cats just look at me when I act goofy. They don't get excited at all unless they are wound up and I chase them around the apartment.

    Ann Lawson

  9. Ann, I guess you chase them once in awhile just to get them wound up. They do need exercise, right?

  10. Probably the dumbest dog uses his senses more than the smartest human. I truly believe they all have intelligence and intuition that we can only guess at.

  11. Gypsy, the biggest barrier to understanding dogs is the language barrier. Maybe a good mind reader is what is needed.