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Monday, June 4, 2012

In answer to Trouble’s question.

Trouble’s comment on yesterdays blog ended with this: “O BTW,,any up to date pics of that swamp? Just asking”.  So I went down yesterday and took some pictures of the swamp.  For some comparison, I will repost some pictures from about two months ago.  Let’s start with the original deep part.  Here is the picture taken two months ago:

You may notice a small amount of duck weed starting to grow.  The next two pictures are the ones I took yesterday of the same part of the swamp:

And here is another picture that was taken back two months ago looking back up past the newer deep part:

The next two are the ones that I took yesterday of the newer deep part:

As you can see, the duck weed and other stuff is growing on the surface, the weeds around the edges have gotten very tall, and maybe what you can’t see is that it needs about a foot or so of rain.  It is a little over two feet below full level.  I knew the swamp would be in bad shape this year since all of the fish and most other living things that lived under water were lost in the drought of last summer.  It will take years for it to get back into shape, if ever.  The weeds and, scum, and other undesirable things have taken over and have a firm grip on it, maybe never to be released.  Let us see what nature can do, and maybe next year, if it has not progressed much, I can give nature a helping hand.  The frogs seem to be happy and I do enjoy listening to them.  You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Hope you get the rain needed to fill it.

    My dad's place in FL just got 9 inches in a day, filling his pond.

    Here in NH, we have flood warnings in the north. I'm not in any danger -unless Noah was lied to.

  2. I still say you should have dug a well out near there when you had the chance. Put a simple windmill on it just to pump what ever water it will pump to keep it full as possible.
    Of course you know not to put any grass carp in there, they will take over and you'll never git rid of them.
    Best of luck with the rains this summer being more normal and keeping it full.

  3. Hey how about a few grass carp and a couple of little gators. Carp for the grass and gators for the carp.

  4. Sixbears, Lots of rain in the east and north east. It is suppose to rain here the end of the week. Storm in the Pacific may cross Mexico and into Texas. That will suck in some rain from the Gulf.

    Ben, I have a well that that services my home. Wouldn't want to put another one in that close, may take all my drinking water.

    Bob, I don't want grass carp nor gators, thank you. I just need to get some fish back in it.

  5. TYTYTY! And it does NOT look good, low and all those weeds. I can just imagine all the bugs and mosquitoes. Have you ever added any fish in the past? To keep down the bug population. I do that with just my little pond in the front. Maybe the frogs are enough?

  6. Trouble, so far, the frogs have been taking care of the bugs. The bug problem isn't as bad as it has been in the past. When I used to fish with a fellow that had a bass boat with a live well, we used to bring back and release some in there. But it always seemed to have brim and catfish, but last summer's drought was the worst since i have lived here. It may take awhile for the birds to bring in enough fish eggs to re-populate the swamp.