Wondering about wild grapes

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wondering about nothing in particular.

I had trouble waking up this morning; didn’t get my rear up and going till after 06:30.  Even let two of the dogs out in the rest of the house since they insisted on getting up.  Well my body made it up but I think my mind is still in bed and asleep.  Got to get ready to take my wife in for her appointment this morning.

There was a possibility of storms this morning but the sun is shining brightly with no signs of rain.  I guess they will not get here until this afternoon when the heat and humidity are much higher.  We had a blustery, windy one blow through here the day before yesterday and I noticed that one of a neighbor’s huge oak trees in his front yard has blown down.  The wind moved things around at my place but with no apparent damage around the house.  I haven’t walked all around the property yet so there may be some that I don’t see.

I have been a little busy, trying to come up with some designs for a shipping skid that can be braced in an ocean going container for some of their products.  The challenge was the variable widths of the skids so the bracing to the sides had to be adjustable and idiot proof.  Another problem that I have is that my old work computer system will only stay running for a few hours at a time.  The picture on the screen gets all blurry.  I don’t know if it is the monitor (an old CRT type) or the computer (the video card).  The next couple of times it happens, I will test it to find out which one it is.  The first time, I will just turn the monitor off for a half hour or so and leave the computer run.  If it is still blurred, I will know that it is the computer.  To verify the outcome, the next time it goes blurred, I will then turn off the computer for a while and leave the monitor on.  I would like to have a new flat screen monitor anyway, so hope that is the problem.  I will put that test on my “to do “ list.  Maybe up close to the top.  Now you all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. If I had your weather, I'd turn into a morning person. Here I wait for it to warm up enough outside to get my work done.

    I'd bet it's your monitor giving your trouble.

  2. Your computer/monitor problem reminds me of a similar situation I had when I lived on the sailboat. Every time it rained, water would drip down on the monitor and the screen would brighten up and go off. Most times a little rest would make it work again....sometimes not. Never could figger out the real problem.

  3. Now is the time to move into the 20th century. You'll love a flat screen ,,much brighter, better contrast, less power usage. You might even find out you don't need new glasses after all. :-)

  4. Not all flat screens work like the above reply is saying. You need to see them too.

  5. Sixbears, I usually do the outside work in the morning or the evening. Already have had skin cancer removed from my face, try to stay in the shade or wear a broad brimmed had.

    BB, I am waiting on it to go off so I can test to see if it is the monitor. Hope so, I want a new flat monitor. I am getting used to this 17" on on my lap-top.

    Ben, like I said above, will get one if the computer isn't going bad. I have had it for a lot of years and it has been on most every day. But if I got rid of the CRT one, how would I get my daily radiation?

  6. Tough to have such problems, isn't it?

    The main thing for me when I switched to a flat screen was the heat! The old CRT sure did produce a lot, where the LED screen doesn't.

    We didn't get rain or the wind you did, but I could sure use some of the wet stuff!

  7. Hermit, I will use the lap-top as much as possible. I have other CRT monitors I could hook up to see if that is the problem. BTW, around here it never just rains.