Wondering about wild grapes

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wondering about my empty driveway.

The security monitor shows an empty driveway.  Every time I glance at it, it gets my attention because I am so used to seeing my RV sitting out there and now it is missing.  Well, not missing (I hope), just in for a new awning and a fix to the power driver’s side window.  Funny how we get so used to seeing the same thing and then when the views are different it catches our attention immediately.  We humans and most animal life are like that.  It is a reflex that can save your life.  Not only do we notice when something that is always there is missing, we also notice when something new appears in our surroundings.  This is especially useful to hunters and those who are hunted.  Wildlife survives by knowing their surrounding and noticing anything different.  They need to know if that form was there yesterday or is it something that poses danger.  If danger, they have to know if their escape route has been blocked by a freshly fallen tree.  You get the idea.  That is why I notice any change in the pictures shown on my security monitor.
I got to get moving; this is dog grooming day and we have to get ready to take them there.  The boy rides in the back in his cage and the girls ride in the front, one on my lap and one on my wife’s lap.  They love to ride but not to the vets or the groomers.  They prefer to go in the RV and when we left yesterday without them it was not a happy scene.  They heard it when I fired it up and they got all excited and ready to go, but. . . No, they had to stay at home.  Got the RV to the fix-it (we hope) shop.  It will probably live there for a few days.  Maybe, maybe not.  Anyway, you all have a great day and enjoy a new summer.  It will be in the triple digits here in a few days and in the upper 90’s for the days leading up to it.  Wouldn’t be so bad but living this near the Gulf the humidity is has so high you can ring water out of the air.  Have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Hope that RV shows up in the camera soon. It's a nice rig.

    Heading into the 90s here today, with high humidity. Southern weather up north.

  2. When I first moved down to the coast in the mid/late '60's I didn't mind the heat and humidity. I learned to live with it. And everything in the area is air conditioned.
    Over the years I guess my likes or body has changed cause now I prefer the dry desert air, BUT still like spending time on or near the coast. Guess as long as it's in Texas it's good enough.

  3. The best weather I remember was in central Texas and in east Texas!

    Dry but still hot! I can handle hot just fine, but don't do cold very well! Getting really burnt out on the humidity as well!

  4. Sibears, they called and said the new awning is on and looks great. They are still working on the window.

    Ben, I can take the cold better than the humid heat. You can only a lot of clothes and coats on when it is cold but you can only go down to your skin when it is hot and it is still hot.

    HJ, every where has good and bad weather. Some have more of one than the other. Actually, I think that we live in one of the better places.

  5. Poor boy,,making him ride in back. Does he stink? Bet he does by the time you get there,,,

  6. Trouble, behind the back seat is still air conditioned. I have a Jeep Liberty and it has a front and back seat with a small cargo space behind the back seat. He is OK and no, he doesn't stink. I am the stinker. . . (grin).