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Friday, June 29, 2012

Wondering what your pastime is.

Everyone has some things that they like to do when they have some free time to kill and I am wondering what some of those things are that you all do.  I suppose it depends on where you are, the weather, and how you feel, right?  So Let’s take it by locations.  What do you enjoy doing as a pastime when you are home in good weather?  I like to take walks, do light outside chores, cut grass with my new lawn tractor, and take the Jeep and go somewhere.  My wife likes Hobby Lobby or Michael’s so if we take a ride that is one destination and the two stores are right across the street from each other, although in different small shopping plazas.  In bad weather I like to paint, watch TV, lie on the couch, or just lie on the couch.  In fact, in good weather I like to lie on the couch.  Of course I always have a Sudoku book handy.  I just love doing those puzzles and I usually have a lap-top or a tablet handy to play on line games or read blogs or search for whatever interests me at the moment.  Even if I seem to be doing nothing I am really busy.  I have been writing poems (mostly silly ones) for the cards that either my wife or I make each weekday to mail to my Aunt who has been in a nursing home in Pennsylvania for a couple of years now.

Now, when out in the RV what do you like to do as a past-time?  Me?  I like to talk.  Yep, I like to walk around and stop and talk to anyone who will allow a conversation to get started.  When I take a dog for a walk, my wife wonders if I get lost but I just find people to talk with and really enjoy doing so.  I wonder why?  Maybe it is because I have worked from home most of my life and we live back in the middle of a wooded twelve acres and can’t see the neighbors.  My wife and I talk and the dogs and I talk (yes we do and I am not crazy. . . I mean the part about talking to the dogs not the wife.)  I talk on the phone, but much prefer to talk in person.  I am a ham radio operator and talk on the air.  I haven’t been doing much of that lately, guess I will have to fire up my radios and see who is on and where.  OK, enough about me, tell me what some of your favorite pastimes are and then go do the ones you like best and have a great day doing so, you hear?


  1. Hmmm,, love the blogs, do them first. Play online games, read, go for drives. That's mostly my days.

  2. If I need to kill time I do house work. I HATE house work so I make sure I keep busy! When I need some down time from my busy life I grab a book. sometimes I read 3 books in week, after I'm done with them I feel like I took a mini vacation.....since my nose was in a book for days my family feels like I was away too.

  3. Me, I unfold the anti-gravity lounge chair on the deck, grab some ice tea and the CD player, plop down, listen to some Bluegrass, sip tea, watch the bird feeder and slip in and out of the here and now. Here in Virginia, the most common visitors to the tower of bird seed are purple finches, tuffed titmouse, cardinal, junco, blue jay, woodpeckers (big & little) and doves. And of course the squirrels trying to figure a way past the pole baffle. All in all, very entertaining.

  4. My favorite past time whether sunny or rainy is to read blogs and go online.

    In the fall or winter I like to go camping in Terlingua.

  5. "I have been writing poems (mostly silly ones) for the cards that either my wife or I make each weekday to mail to my Aunt who has been in a nursing home in Pennsylvania for a couple of years now."

    What a truly wonderful thing to do for your aunt and I am sure it is very much appreciated. You are a good man Dizzy!

  6. Trouble, I like to do all those things and more.

    Jill, I like to read but hardly ever find the time. I think the last book I read, I posted about it on my blog. I do read a lot of magazines from cover to cover like Astronomy Magazine, Discover Magazine, Motor-Home Magazine, etc.

    Jimkabob, Oh yeah, sittin and listening to blue grass music is great thing to do in your spare time. When I was working in my office, I listened to it continuously.

    MsB, I like to read blogs, comment, and post blogs. I also like Terlingua, and really enjoyed being there, eating at the the Starlight and Grub Shack, and got to talk to some residents and of course toured the Field Lab. Need to go back there sometime.

  7. I guess my passtime is blogging.

    As you well know, I like to talk too!

  8. Sixbears, and here I thought you would say sailing or converting vehicles to veggie powered. Blogging and talking are good, in fact they just might be related.