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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wandering to Lake Whitney State Park

We visited Lake Whitney State Park in 2003 and 2004. Our visit coincided with a star party that I attended and have posted a blog showing pictures of the star party before. This time, I want to show you some of the State Park.

This picture is our camping spot. There is water and electric at the site and a couple of dump stations if needed. The sites are spacious and shaded. The only problem we had was with grass burrs. Remember, we have long haired dogs.

Of course, the wildlife came to check us out.

This is the entrance to the Nature Walk. I took lots of pictures, more than I have space for here. It was a beautiful walk and even though it was not very long, it went through different environments.

The beginning of the trail:

After walking through the forest of small trees and mesquite, it opened up to fields of cacti:

And then we entered the woods again:
This is a different type of woods than the one we first entered. It is full of large, beautiful old trees.

Along the way, there are rest areas to relax, sip a little water, and enjoy nature.

The trail finally winds down to the edge of a small part Lake Whitney.

As we start back up, we can still see the lake.

And we go back down for a last close look at the water's edge.

Further along the trail loop we come across a picturesque walking bridge.

And for the final picture, a typical view of the trail through the mature forest.

This is a large park, with its own airport and borders on the large Lake Whitney. One of many wonderful parks across the country. Would like to go to all of them.

Have a good day.


  1. The pictures show a beautiful and scenic park. I have never seen cacti growing in a setting like that, with grasses as tall as the cacti. Fascinating! Unfortunately my dog's fur likes to collect those little burrs. We had sand burrs at Ft. Pulaski (Georgia) last winter and they are awful when you step on them in bare feet or in your socks, and they ended up being all over my RV for months!

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  3. Hey Gypsy. Sorry about that, I misspelled too many words. Just wanted to say that you can’t get away from grass burrs, sand burrs, or any kind of burrs. They are everywhere, especially at the road side rest areas.
    As you know, we used to travel with four dogs, now one has passed away. That still leaves the three Shih Tzu dogs to pick up every kind of burr or anything else in their hair. Pecan trees are bad, too.

  4. Never got in to "Astronomy".I have all ways liked the mystery of the universe.When they landed on the moon it was disappointing to me .because it took away a lot of mystery of the moon.I actually could not make out the face in the moon anymore.Infinity fascinates me as does God .Hard to comprehend no beginning an no end.But that's what you have in the universe as well as God.

  5. Hey Ted, Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the universe is awesome. But, they think that there may be many of them and that they have beginnings and endings. Who knows? The wisdom of man is insufficient.

    The moon is still fascinating. I like to look at it through my telescope and watch the mountains come up over the horizon, or the boulders in the center of craters, or just admire our closest neighbor in space.

  6. Beautiful..I am looking forward to star parties with the Big Bend Astronomy Club.

  7. Hey Frann, where do they meet? And when do they hold their star parties?

    Glad you found a Jeep and are on your way home.

  8. BTW Fran, if the star party you are talking about is The West Texas Star Party at Ft. Davis; they do not allow dogs, so I can not go there.