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Friday, November 12, 2010

Wondering About Mushrooms

Boy do I have a treat for you today!! I was looking through my files of pictures and found some that my wife had taken. One time she decided that there was real beauty in mushrooms and decided to go out on our property and take pictures of all she could find. There is not near enough space on this blog to show them all to you, but for your pleasure, I will give you a sample.

Almost all of these pictures were taken back in the year 2000. I believe my wife did a really terrific job on these photos. I am not going to take the time to look up the names of the mushrooms, this is not to be a scientific post, but one to show you the beauty that my wife discovered in our own "back yard".

She even took multiple pictures at different times of the day and different days of the same mushroom to show how they develop and fade (sometimes melt) away. This first picture was this mushrooms peak. I have her pictures of the rest of its life, but this posting is only going to be on the beauty of them.

Just scroll on down. I will not comment on any until the end.

I hope that you enjoyed my wife's mushroom pictures. I liked them so much, I made some paintings of some of them and would like to paint more. Of course, her pictures are much, much better than my paintings.
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  1. Neat pictures,, Every do any research as to which ones are eatable? Might check in your area, I bet someone could tell you for sure which ones are safe to enjoy on a steak!! :-)

  2. The pictures are beautiful. I did the same thing when I lived in the mountains of NC a few years ago - I have the photos stored somewhere. I remember once seeing some huge mushrooms that looked like pumpkins down on a hillside, but didn't remember to bring my camera along next time and I missed them. They disappeared in a couple of days, and I never saw them again even in later years. They must come out only every few years or so. Thanks for the pics and for jogging my mind back to a beautiful place for me.

  3. Hey Ben, I already have all the books on mushrooms. I used to hunt wild ones and knew which you could eat and which would kill you. Since I have found out how bad any mico-toxin is, I do not eat any mushrooms or any thing that may be contaminated like corn.

    Hey Gypsy, glad I brought back some memories for you. I worked a contract job in N.C. for 2 and half years, but never went looking for mushrooms. We were near the ocean so liked to fish too much. Hope you find your pictures, wouldl like to see them.

  4. They're lovely little things aren't they. Quite magic...

  5. Hey TFT, I have been trying to get a picture of those little fairies that dance around the toad stools, but so far can't even get a picture of troll.