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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wondering about Grandpa’s retirement

First, remember my blog on Thursday Nov. 4th, Wondering about my Mother, when I talked about some of things my Mother did? Remember the part where I told you about her last hike up the mountain to see the “cat rocks” even though she had a broken foot? Well, I just found an old picture taken way back when. It has my Dad and my Mom and Mom’s sister, who they nicknamed “Pet” in it and they are at the “cat rocks”. This may have been before my parents were married or just after.

OK, now about my Grandpa’s retirement day. It was kind of sad since he loved his job as an engineer. This first picture is of him walking back from the train yard and turn table where they turned the engines around. It is in a small town called Phillipston and the river you see on the right is the Allegheny River.

This next picture is of him standing beside his engine:

This one is my Grandpa coming up the path to his house on his last day:

This next picture is my Grandpa and my Mother on the right (his left) and her sister, Pet, on the other side:

And of course I will leave you with a picture of both my Grandpa and my Grandma:


  1. the river ur talking about ,,,the Llano? I live in Llano, deer capital of Tx,,,and we had the swarm coming in yesterday. Have deer a few feet behind my house, just up a hill from the river. Hope theyre hiding up here today. lol when theres lots of rain, takes 24 hours for the river rise to get here from Junction.
    Most people get close, they have to come thru here to pick up some of COOPERS BBQ, r INMANS TURKEY SAUSAGE. so if u havent, try it some time, then ull be hooked. lol

  2. Great pictures!! Did you scan the pictures or the negatives? Well done, you do realize the train pictures are important HISTORY?

  3. Trouble, Yes, I bet you get a lot hunters coming to your area. And, no, I haven't had any of that BBQ or sausage. Will have to try it sometime. I have high blood pressure and try not to eat salty food, but once in awhile probably wouldn't hurt.

    Ben, Thanks for the complament. I scanned the pictures from old photo prints. Have others I want to scan but can't seem to lay my hands on them. I will keep looking.

  4. I really like the older pictures, as they show a LOT of history...especially in the dress and the surroundings!

    Thanks for sharing these!

  5. HJ, thanks for stopping by. Like I told Ben, if and when I find some more interesting old pictures I will scan them and put them on.