Wondering about wild grapes

Saturday, November 13, 2010

On The Flying Tortoise blog yesterday, I posted this comment: "If you get some of that in a bottle, send it my way. . ."

Well The Flying Tortoise is a man who likes to please, so I believed he tried to get that beauty in a bottle for me but found out that it was impossible. So, he did the nest best thing. He made me beautiful and personalized label that I could put on my own bottle. Here is the label:

Did you read the label? It was a wonderful surprise and I am now searching for just the right bottle to put the label on. It will have to be a really special bottle to have this special label applied to it.

Now I have my own little piece of a Kaiaua Sunrise. Thank you Keith Levy!!!


  1. Gonna make you up some bathtub beer to put in a bottle for that label?

  2. Nope Ben, thinking more along the lines of green tea.