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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


After almost two months it RAINED!!! That was great and we got more than a sprinkle. We had three or four thunder storms come through here the night before last and when I got up this morning, it was again wet outside. Since I took my rain gauge down, I have no idea how much we got, but it was so dry here that the ground soaked it all up like a sponge.

I didn’t realize I was missing something that I really love to hear. The first time I stepped outside last night after it got dark, the sound hit me. This sound had been the missing part of what I love about this place. As I stood there I heard the Bard Owls yelling at each other. No, that wasn’t the sound I missed. The owls, although not as active during the drought, have never stopped calling. Yes, I love their call, also. Check it out here.

It was the multitude of many different species of frogs, all yelling at the top of their lungs (or air pouches) praising the heavens for blessing them with rain. Or maybe they were just happy or maybe they were calling for a pretty and willing mate. Makes no difference to me why they were performing their concerto, just as long as I could hear it and enjoy it.

The sound relaxes me. I could feel the tension just drain out of me as a great big smile formed on my face. A couple of years ago, I made the remark that the frogs were not singing like they used to. I wondered what was wrong. Then I got my hearing aids, and presto, they came back to their loud beautiful singing selves. Before the hearing aids, I could only hear the bass singers, the bull frogs. But when you add in the tenors, altos, and sopranos, the symphony becomes full again.

I love the night sounds of my swamp. Knew something was missing, but didn’t quite realize it until I heard the night sounds last night. For awhile there, everything was right in my world.


  1. There is something peaceful and relaxing about being out in the woods isn't there? I used to have a big ole Barn Owl here that would start his Hooting if we ventured out late in the evening. And some mornings he would swoop down and glide down my yard and up the street to a big tree at the end of the road.
    I guess he's still around but I am not out as much as I used to be so don't see or hear him.

  2. Yep Ben, I would really miss this place if I moved. Athough civilization is moving in all around me and the "civilized" sounds are quite distubing, where else could I find what I have here on only 12 acres. There are a lot of places I love to visit, but it is mice to come home to my swamp.

  3. Hmmm, I don't hear the things I used to, and wonder if it's me and my hearing.

    I read your blog post about the dog's food, and I agree, I'd be pushing those doggies outta the way and get to the food bowl first!

  4. Gypsy,

    Yep, some people just don't understand when I say that I eat our dogs' food every chance I get.

    Get your ears checked, makes all the difference in the world. I got hearing aids and lenses implanted after cataract removal. Now, if I can get all my other parts replaced, I would be a new man. :-)

  5. I went to one of those hear aid testing places a few years ago , and according to them I needed the most expensive ones of course. Also told me my eardrum had a hole in it. Funny thing , next time I went to my real Doctor she said the hole in my drum was healed over.
    How did you ever find a real, honest hearing aid selling place?

  6. I guess I just ask a lot of questions. They give real good service, free of charge cleaning, adjusting, and some accessories. I have been satisfied, so far. But, they were quite expensive.

  7. I opened the blinds to my room here at the home and stayed up 1/2 the night watching the lightning show..only really thundered a few times. Rained most of the day too.

  8. Frann, glad to hear from you. Isn't lighting beautiful? My dear Mother was so afraid of it, but didn't want me to grow up fearful of it, so she hid her fear and we sat together wathing storms while she told me how pretty it was.

  9. Gypsy Jess, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I love frogs and all of nature.