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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wondering about my Mother

When I read Frann’s comment she left on my blog yesterday, it got me thinking about my Mother. Frann commented that she opened her blinds and stayed up half the night watching the lightning show.

My Mother was terrified of lightning, but she never let me know that until I was grown up. When I was a child, she used to sit with me during thunder storms and watch the lightning and tell me how beautiful it was. To this day, I think lightning is beautiful. Although I do respect it for the damage that it can do, I still see the beauty and awe in its power and in the way it can paint the sky with so many fascinating designs.

My Mother always thought of other people before she did of her self. For example, one time my parents along with relatives and old friends were staying in a rented cabin at a State Park. They got talking about the good old days when they were all young and used to go to a camp way up in the Appalachian Mountains, called “Bohunkus” that their parents had built. Then, they got talking about “the cat rocks” where they used to hike to and where the wild cats or Lynx used to have dens. It was decided that they would try to find the “cat rocks” the next day. They would have to drive to the base of the mountain and have a long hard hike up to where they believed they would find the rocks.

The night before they were to head out, my Mother hit her bare foot on the bed leg and broke her toe. She did not tell anyone and went on that planned trip. She did not want to disappoint any of them. She also figured that this would be her last chance to ever find that special place. She was in agony during and after that hike, but never said a word until the next day. She was one tough lady.

This is just a couple of examples of what my Mother was like. I will, in the future, have to do more blogs dedicated to her and my Dad. Both were very, very special people.


  1. Very nice tribute to your Mom. She sounds like a classy lady.

  2. Our parents were cut from a different cloth than so many in today's world, that's for sure!

    Enjoyable post!

  3. Gypsy, My Mom was a great Lady and is still missed. She managed to make it into her 90's and still had spirit.

    Hermit, You are so correct. I would so like to visit those years when my parents were growing up. There were hard times, but they didn't know it.

  4. It's a shame that our parents, most of them anyway,didn't keep detailed diary's. and pictures, with dates and names on them. I got a box ( like most people ) of ole photos with out names and info on them. It's all guess work now.

  5. I did take the time to sit down with my Mom many years ago and go over a few pictures. Right now, I can't put my hands on them. Hope I find them, they had names and dates. All the rest have no descriptions.

  6. You were so lucky to be raised by that very special woman...