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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wondering how nick-names develop & other things.

I got to thinking about some of the names I have been called in the past. Some where not so nice, so we will just overlook them (grin). What I mean is nicknames. My proper first name is Richard and my proper middle name is Milton. I was named after my Father and one of my uncles. I would guess that the common nicknames would be Rick or Dick for Richard and Milt or Milty for Milton. Well, my Dad’s name was Richard and he went by Dick and my uncle’s name was Milton but he went by Bub. So guess what, when I was little, they called me Dicky Bub.

Well, I never sort of liked that nickname, thought it made me sound like a baby. That is, until I moved to Texas, and it fit right in. Have you heard of the club Billy-Bob’s in Fort Worth? Well now, I found a home, by golly. Dicky-Bub fit right in with all those Billy-Bobs, Jim-Bobs, and Bubbas. In fact, I felt right proud of my nickname.

Now, I have a second nickname that I like equally well. I have told you before that I am an amateur radio operator (ham) and my call sign is wb3dzy. Well, the other hams that I know decided that the suffix of my call reminded them of dizzy, so they started calling me Dizzy-Dick. That name has also stuck with me, and I think it fits, too.

Found a couple of old pictures that had mildew on them. I scanned them and put them in a program where I could change pixel colors and fixed them. This first picture is of me, Dicky Bub when I was a child:

The next one is three generations of men, my Grandpa, my Dad, and me:

I am the oldest male cousin, but there are two girl cousins who were older than I was. Here is picture of the three of us on one of their visits to our home. Bonnie, Carol, and me:

Changing the subject, it was really cold here this morning!!!! Fist frost of the year, and it was 27 degrees at my place. It stayed below freezing for about 3 hours. Right now it is pushing 50 degrees after the sun has been up for awhile. It is now about 10:00 am. Here is a picture of my Jeep with frost on it:

And here is a railing on the steps from my deck. It too, has frost, although it is harder to see.

Hope all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and will relax the rest of the weekend.


  1. Nick names,never really had one, Well,I was called Hawkeye for some years,, My "given" name is like a paragraph long, but it was changed to something simple. like Ben,,I always said it was cause Mother couldn't spell big words. :-)

  2. Ben is good enough. Don't need anything more fancy that that. Now why were you called "Hawkeye"? Suppose you could spot pretty chicks from a distance :-)

  3. Well yea, THAT and my game spotting in the brush and my prowess at shooting

  4. can u believe??? i got kicked off a game site for saying out of Tom, Dick, and Harry, i liked Dick the best. hahahahaha even the one taking up for me,,,got kicked off too!!!

  5. Hey Ben, got some shooting stroies to tell you some time. Did you ever shoot out of your baloon?

    Hey Trouble, I guess you didn't need to be on that site. Find a better one.

  6. According to those pictures you sure were a cute little boy!

  7. Gypsy, trouble is, when you are a cute little boy you grow up to be an ugly old man :-0

  8. Hey, I was a cute little boy and I represent that remark!

    I prefer to think of it as aging more roughly!