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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wondering about vests.

I personally love vests. Not necessarily the kind that comes with a suit, since I don’t wear a complete suit anymore. Maybe wear a suit coat but will still have my jeans on with it. I did that way before it was the style.

There are a lot of different types and styles of vests. Some of the differences are because of the intended use. There is a big difference between one for dress-up and one for warm-up. For instance, I just purchased a down filled vest. They are nice to put on when I go out early on cool mornings. The theory is that if you keep the trunk or main part of your body warm, the rest will take care of them selves, unless the temperature is way below freezing and you are going to be exposed for a long period of time. Most of the time, a vest is all I need to feel comfortable in the cold.

My Grandpa had a wool vest that was quite warm. I had that for many years and wore it hunting sometimes when it was really cold. It seems that vests were more popular and there were a wider variety of them back in the “good old days”. Maybe my taste in clothes is my desire to go back to those “good old days”. I also love vintage western wear. Vests combine the two.

I was looking for a dress-up vest. You know, one like the old time gamblers used to wear. I want a blue and green paisley front and dark back. Would accept other colors and designs, but want something bright and colorful. They are hard to find and maybe I will have to purchase one from an “one line” western store. Found a couple of sources and one was located in Eastern Pennsylvania. There is something wrong with this picture. Here I am in Texas and can’t find an old style western vest and they have them in Eastern PA????

I may also get a plain colored one, like a brown leather vest. Sometimes a plain vest will set off a fancy colored western shirt, and a fancy vest can be worn with a single colored shirt.

Speaking of shirts, all my shirts have had snaps instead of buttons for as long as I can remember. Well actually, it has only been for about the last 35 years or so. I can remember things from way back in my life, it is the things that happened a few minutes ago that I forget, like where did I lay my glasses or keys or what else was I going to say . . .


  1. I like vest with lots of pockets but then they also tended to be orange with reflective stripes on them. But now I am now I am out to pasture and no longer wear a bright orange vest and find muyself looking for a vest that blends into the background that will hold my digital camera, phone, paperback book, and notepad. The good news is that now that I am reteried I no longer worry about what people might think about.

  2. Yep, used to wear vest all the time. Ann made me one when we lived in NM for work. Used the same material they use for ski suits and put BIG pockets in it to hold all the tools and what not I used every day. Still got it somewhere but replaced it later with another she made me. The one I used to hunt with back in the 70s is bluejeans material with heavy Down lining.. Warm! and it help absorbed the kick of that BFG I shot!!

  3. You might try Sheplers. I think they are a Texas company, or at least I was introduced to them somewhere in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, and I believe they also have a store in Oklahoma City. Pennsylvania would surprise you.

  4. David Scott, thanks for stopping by. Some states require orange vests for hunting, maybe you should have saved some of them for retirement.

    Ben, yep, home made is the best for sure

    Gypsy, I was born and raised in western PA and before i moved to Texas I wore cowboy boots, hats, and shirts. Thanks for the tip, I will try Sheplers.

  5. One more thing, we dropped the dogs off at the groomers and went to town. I purchased the brown leather vest along with a couple of western shirts that would go real good with it. Christmas came early this year. . .