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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wondering about wizards.

Have you ever been called a wizard by anyone?  What did they mean by that?  Most mean that you are very smart and and can do things that others can not do.  It is a compliment.  But in reality, a wizard is the male counterpart of a witch.  Did I just say "in reality"?  That may not be an accurate statement, because I believe that they are just fictional characters.  So, is it really a compliment to be referred to as a male witch?

Now with my long white hair an long white beard, I sort of look like a wizard.


Now Merlin was a good wizard.  So, I imagine that there is both good and evil wizards just as there are good and evil people without any magical skills.  So, all you good wizards out there, have a great day, you hear?


  1. A wizard is a guy who the boss brings in from out of town. He has to drive at least a hundred miles to get to the job site to be considered 'A Wiz'.

    Background; the regular employees could easily fix the problem that the wizard was brought in for, but the boss wants to show them up and humiliate them, so he brings in the 'Wiz'!

    The boss hamstrings the regular crew by not giving them enough time to fix the problem, or maybe he puts stumbling blocks in their way so they can't possibly fix the trouble.

    Enter the 'Wiz'! The wiz is treated like royalty and usually has to ask the 'regular crew' what they already did to fix the trouble.

    The Wiz then brings out a 'special piece of gear' that has been denied to the regular crew, and 'Bingo' the Wiz is a hero! The regular crew is miffed and humiliated, and the boss has shown everyone that 'he is still the boss!

  2. I started to reply about Warlocks, but after reading the above comment a couple of times I guess I'm still wondering about the Wiz....

  3. Wondering,,,what's Ernest's problem....lololol

  4. Ernest, I think I have been that "out of town" wizard a few times in my life. In fact, quite a few. That was what I did for a living. . NO, not being a wizard, but helping companies solve their engineering and manufacturing problems.

    The Odd Essay, Oh go ahead and say what you were going to say. BTW, I loved your dear deer pictures.

  5. I wanted to grow up to be Tinkerbell but when, as an adult, I saw Disney's Sword and the Stone with Merlin and Madame Mim? I thought being Merlin would be great fun. Madame Mim was more on the witchy side. I want to be on the side of good. ;)

    Like the old days with the good guys wearing white hats that never fell off no matter how much fighting.

    And yes... I'm also familiar with the out of town Wiz ... and a sore spot being female in the work force ... a MAN was called in ... the same man/men that the women trained. same difference. hiss and boo

  6. I've been called a wizard a few times, been a Wiz a few times and been called a lot worse, but I won't post those words here. ;)

  7. Carolyn, when you get as old as I am, you can pretend to be anything you want and no one will care. I want to be Matt Dillon but I am uglier than Paladin (grin).

    David, been there done that, too. Thanks for not using "those" words. . .

  8. In reality there are and have been wizards. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines wizard as
    "archaic: a wise man; a sage; one skilled in magic; sorcerer; and, a very clever or skillful person .

  9. Wizard, dang, I thought you said lizard. Thought I was gonna see some pics of lizards in your yard.

    I go with David.....been call all kind of names.

    Wonder if'n I could be called a wizard, I fix stuff ya know.

  10. A wiz-bang is an out-of-town wizard who shows up to fix your broken machine of whatever type, he takes out his screwdriver, cresent wrench and chicken bones. Does what he does best, then tells you, "OK, start-er up" You do and it runs great, you call him a wizard and then it goes bang and parts fly everywhere.

  11. Gypsy, I stand corrected. I hope all the real wizards out there don't put a bad spell on my.

    B.B., Got lots of lizards on my porch. Actually, they are geckos. They are usually green but can turn brown when they want to. And yes, you are a fixing wizard, for sure for sure.

    jimkabob, I know exactly what you mean.

    1. Wait a minute....you got lizards on yer porch?? Where the pics....everbody wants to see pics. I also wanna see a pic of that John Deere what ya wrecked bout a year ago. Rust an' dents, that's what we want to see.

  12. We're off to see the wizard . . .

    You have to be a little bit off to see the wizard.

  13. I'm a sucker for any movie with a wizard and some sword play.

  14. When I think about it, over the years I've used the word wizard to mean different things. Sometimes it's used when someone is able to fix a difficult job really quickly without much effort, so we say that they are brilliant in what they do. And on other occasion I may use it to say that someone is doing magical tricks or some form of witchcraft. Interesting when you think about it Dizzy-Dick. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  15. Sixbears, Now that comment gave me a laugh. Maybe I am a little off. Maybe that is why they call me Dizzy.

    Jill E., when I think wizard, I always think of "we're off to see the Wizad, the wonderful wizard of Oz".

    Rum-Punch Drunk, I think that guy that just broke the world record for solving the Rubik's Cube is a wizard for sure.