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Friday, July 19, 2013

Wondering about my wife's trip to the doctors.

My wife made a visit to her doctor last Tuesday and I did tell you about it on my blog.  She got a phone call yesterday from the nurse telling her about some of the results of her blood test.  Some things were OK, some so-so, but two were bad.  One, which could be fixed easily is that her thyroid test showed a need to bump up the dosage of thyroid medication.  They want to switch her off her Armour to Synthroid which she, a while back, started on and had bad reaction to it.  All they need to do is write a prescription for a stronger dose or double the amount of pills she is now taking.  No, they don't seem to want to do that.  Oh yes, I know, they are working for the drug companies and don't get any points for prescribing Armour, which is a by-product of the meat industry.

To make matters even worse, the nurse told her that she tested positive for ANA (antinuclear antibodies).  She said to see a specialist but when she told the nurse that we had no insurance other than medicare, she didn't refer her to anyone.  So, we will have to find a rheumatolagist on our own.  I guess if you want something done right you either have to do it yourself or find the someone who will do it your way.  Yes, of course, our way IS the right way, always!!  Now, all we have to do is convince the doctors that we are right.  This is an example of our great health care system.  Now all of you stay healthy and have a great day, you hear?


  1. I recently had a lot of tests done at the medical center and yesterday I got a bunch of statements from Medicare and Blue Cross. What they charge for those tests (knowing they will only get a fraction of the cost reimbursed from insurance) is a crime. I am covered and don't have to pay out of pocket, but the medical field tries to rob the Govt when possible, just making it more difficult for people with no supplemental insurance to get the care they need. I hate the system. And the doctors are owned and run by the drug companies.

  2. Sorry to hear your wife's having problems. Hope you get it sorted soon. My lovely wife's on medicare, but I still have no insurance. It was over $1000/month for mine when I dropped it, and I'm told it went up since. I'm feeling great, so that's working for me. Spending my money on good food and getting exercise.

  3. All the best in getting it sorted Dizzy-Dick. I know it's not easy dealing with medical things and insurance over where you are. Just take one day at a time and do as much research into getting the right help that you need. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Yeah. medical sucks in the US. I'm still holding my breath and waiting to see what they want to stick it to me on the 3 days in the hospital!

  5. What in the world are "antinuclear antibodies"? Sounds like something a person would march in a demonstration for... or maybe against. Seriously, I hope all is well and she gets her meds sorted out.

  6. Gypsy, You ars so right about the doctors being run by the drug companies. It is the drug companies that put on the seminars that the doctors must take to keep thier liscens.

    Sixbears, I didn't have insurance until I got old enough for medicare. I worked for myself and the insurance companies wanted to charge me way over a grand a month. Couldn't afford that so no insurance and I didn't need it.

    Rum-Punch Drunk, My wife always researches everything.

    David, you better take out a big loan, you will need it. Someone I knew paid the hospital bill one dollar a month and they couldn't do anything to her to get her to pay more.

    The Odd Essay, Type it in google and it will explain it to you. We are demonstrating against it. . .

    1. The Odd Essy, My wife said to type in "ANA" and it would explain it. It ruins her immunde system and could be cancer. I have cancer of the bone marrow, CCL, a form of leukemia. Now she is having a similar but different problem.

  7. If you avoid having blood tests you can continue feeling good about life and continue feeling well.
    It's one answer...

  8. I am sorry to hear about your wife. I know you don't have a passport or passcard or for that matter care to cross over to Mexico...but it might be worth it to be able to buy the dosage of medication she requires and for at least 80 percent less.

    You can bring back 3 months worth and do not need a prescription or if Mexican law requires one they have doctors in almost all pharmacies that will write you one for about $5.00 US dollars.

  9. I agree with Ms Belinda. Since you know "All they need to do is write a prescription for a stronger dose or double the amount of pills she is now taking."
    You can also find a rheumatolagist in Mexico that will be easier to convince that you are right. They don't face the malpractice threat that USA doctors are under and are more willing to let the patient decide how they will be treated.
    " I guess if you want something done right you either have to do it yourself or find the someone who will do it your way." That will be much easier done in Mexico!

  10. MsB, I know about Mexico and the next time anyone from around here is heading that way, I will ask them to pick up some for her.

    Ed, You are right about doing it yourself. We prefer to treat ourselves with more natural solutions, but sometimes we need more.