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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wandering to the doctor's office.

No, I don't have an appointment but my wife does.  No, she is not sick.  You see, we are both on very low doses of Armour Thyroid medication and she ran out of refills and needs to get a blood test to see if the thyroid hormone levels have changed any.  I had my test a few weeks ago and I stayed the same.  I guess the doc's business is slow and he needs to make a house payment or something, so they will not refill her prescription unless she comes in and sees them.  Sounds like they got a good thing going, wouldn't you say?

Too bad doctors only know how to treat the symptoms of a disease and not the disease itself.  Antibiotics are the only thing that treats illnesses.  There are a lot of natural remedies that work a lot better and are less stressful on your body.  We used to have a doctor who would use the best of both worlds.  Now that doctor really did know how to treat both the symptoms and the disease.  Too bad she retired and moved to Arizona.  Sure do miss that doctor and she saved both me and my wife.  Hope all of you are very healthy and that you all have a great day, you hear?


  1. butterbean carpenterJuly 16, 2013 at 9:57 AM

    Howdy DD,
    Yep, it's expensive to stay alive now that doctors don't do anything but sell pills... I've about given up on the VA system, which is all I could afford, it's 200 miles to the horsespistol, then it's $9-12 per pill co-pay and they give you 3 months supply and charge you 3xco-pay.. At one time I was on 12 different pills, just couldn't afford them, so when I ran out didn't reorder any more; can't tell any difference in the way I feel...

    Hope y'all have a really HAPPY DAY !!! I am, we got OVER 6" OF RAIN, so far this week!!!! Thank the good Lord for every drop !!!!

    Joyce has the my pik-um-up stuck out by the corral !!!

    1. Sometimes all the medication isn't needed. It gets dangerous when you have more than one doctor. One may not know what the other is doing.

    2. That co-pay would be $9-12 per month. That is why a 3 month supply is 3x the monthly co-pay. If you can not afford the co-pay then you certainly could not afford what the meds would cost outside the VA system. Good luck!

  2. I don't like the way medicine is practiced today either. The whole industry is run by the drug companies, just like the food industry is run by the chemical companies, and the energy industry is run by the oil companies. Best of all, the government is run by all the above companies!

  3. The doctor I got along with retired. Haven't had much luck since. Now I just don't go.

  4. My doctor will only prescribe for 6 months... makes it hard to get refills when we're out of the state... or out of the country. No wonder we get "extras" in Mexico to tide us over. With Walmart having BP equipment these days there's no excuse for not keeping track on my own. The thyroid meds haven't changed in over 16 years... I better close this before I get on my soapbox about Express Scripts, Humana etc.... bah humbug!

  5. Gypsy, that is for sure. We walked out of there and went straight to the drug store to get our new perscriptions filled.

    Sixbears, Good for you but just wait till you get our age.

    The Odd Essay, some how they made a mistake and sent two 90 day perscriptions in and of course now I got six months worth that can refilled three times. Wow.

  6. I hate the way medicine is practiced now days. Specially Oncologist prescribing the most expensive medications and getting a kickback from the pharmaceutical companies.

    On our last trip to the ER they gave mother two prescriptions for the same thing and the nurses thought it was funny!

    That only tells me that the ER doctor is blindly signing prescriptions. Who is policing him? What if that prescription had been for Vicodin or other stronger medications? Who makes sure the duplicate prescription is destroyed?

    Our health system is in a terrible crisis!

  7. It's hard to find a really good doctor who not only supports you with an illness but also has time to listen to any of your concerns, these days. If you do find one, then hang onto them like mad because your life could depend on it.

    As with medication, they are not always right, so if you're not happy because the pills don't work, then let the doctor know. It's your body after all, and they are only in that job because of those who are ill.

  8. My brother in law has an ongoing medical condition, he needs to have a surgery to correct the problem (intestinal issue)--has been putting off. He has been trying to deal with the issue through diet. The issue is getting worse so he went to see his Dr. Saw a new doctor who just joined the doctor's office. The doctor offered my brother in law three different prescriptions to help him deal with the his pain, which turned out to be muscle spasms. We were a bit shocked at how on their first meeting this doctor just wanted to shove pills. One was a heavy duty pain pill, the kind people get addicted to. My brother in law is going for the surgery, told the Dr. to keep his pills.

  9. MsB, Rum-Punch, Jill, I guess we have all had these negative run-ins with the medical profession. Too bad it has gotten into the shape it is in now. Didn't used to be that way. I guess like everything else, if you want to know why, follow the money trail.