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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wondering about the moon over water.

They say that there is nothing more romantic than a beautiful big full moon.  I have to admit that it is a beautiful sight (even if you are not a werewolf).  Old wives' tales say that even more babies are born on nights with a full moon.  I may have to research that because I am not quite sure that is true, but I do believe that a lot of those babies are conceived on nights with a full moon (grin).

The full moon by itself is beautiful but when it casts it light over a body of water, it is doubly beautiful.  Here are a couple of pictures to show you what I mean:

And this one:

OK, now tell me if you see the difference between the two pictures above.  Yep, in the upper the one the moon left a trail of light across the water and in the second one, the moon is reflected like a mirror would do.  Now, can you explain why this is true?

Wow, you guys are smart this morning!  You are right.  In the top picture the water surface is choppy and each little ripple reflects an image of the moon.  Since the picture was taken at a distance, all those images meld together to produce a smear of light.  But, in the the second picture, the water is smooth so it actually acts like mirror and reflects the scene in its entirety.  Which picture do you think has more beauty?  I would pick the top one.  In fact, awhile back I made a small painting of the moon over the water.  Now I know that this painting is incorrect.  Can you see what is wrong?

The reflection path of the moon should be straighter and slightly elliptical.  I show it just getting wider as it comes toward the viewer.  Well, at least I got the rough water part correct.  Guess I should though this painting away and do it over correctly.  Now, all of you have a great day, you hear?


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  2. Let's try this again with correct spell'n....

    Dang, when I see the title moon an' water, I were expect'n to see pics of your swamp with the moon over it. You let me down Dizzy.

    I vote for the top pic too. What do I win????

  3. I like the top better as well... Looks like both you and your wife are artists... what talents you folks have!

  4. They are both beautiful ~ couldn't pick a favorite.

    HAhaaaa Billy Bob corrected his spelling? oh, me. and both he and Sharon picked the top one? hmmmm well? that bottom one is ethereal ~ thought provoking. The top one is relaxing ~ I can feel the breeze ....

    Your artistic rendition is your rendition of a beautiful moon.

    I have been told I'm opinionated. ;)

  5. Another reason I like to sail at night.

  6. B.B, I never could spell and there is very little water left on my place. The five acres of swamp are dried up leaving only the two deep parts (ponds?) Those are where the equatic life survive.

    The Odd Essay, I agree, the top one. I believe everyone has artistic talent, they just have to let it out.

    Carolyn, thanks for you comment and eveyone is opinionated in one way or another.

    Sixbears, I have been off shore at night in the Atlantic and it is beautiful.

  7. Very interesting. I'll be thinking of this now when I see any reflection of the moon.

  8. I like all three pictures including the one you painted. You guys are an artistic family!

    However when I think of a full moon I always picture it over a Terlingua sky :)

  9. Jill, when my first son was born it was on a full moon. The maternity ward was overly busy that night. Isnt' nature wonderful??!!

    MsB, Moon over the mountains are cool. I suppose the moon comes up over the Big Bend National Park, if I remember correctly from the last time I was there. I stayed one mile east of Terlingua at BJ's RV park.

  10. Hi,
    I'm using a few of your beautiful photographs with my 4th graders. I'm teaching them how to paint moonlight over water. Thanks for the inspiration.