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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wondering about my wife's latest art work.

My wife is a very talented lady.  Not just in one or two things but in all kinds of art.  She likes to paint, draw, crochet, cut and paste, and most every other thing pertaining to art.  As I have told you before, we make cards to send everyday to my Aunt who is now living in a nursing home.  I should say my wife makes the cards because I have made very few of them.  I just write the poetry (short witty ones) to put in the cards.

I thought that you would like to see some of my wife's work.  She is a private person and I will probably get in trouble when she reads my blog.  I just thought that I would share a couple of examples of her work.  The first picture is of the the last thing she crocheted.  It is a proto-type for a throw rug and is only thirty inches wide, to give you some perspective:

And yes, I laid it on the king size bed that my wife made a crocheted cover for.

Below, is an envelope waiting on a card.  In no time, with her ink pens a flying, she draws on the back of the envelopes.  Don't you think she does a great job?

You all have a happy Fourth of July and don't get too big of a bang out of it.  Just have a great day, you hear?


  1. Just beautiful! No wonder you talk about your wife's talents... very nice! And a Happy July 4th to you as well.

  2. What kind of yarn is the rug made of, and/or what kind will she use for the non-prototype if it is different? I really like it and I need a rug in my bathroom. Any direction on the pattern would be appreciated as well. :)

    Hope the both of you have a happy 4th.

  3. The Odd Essay, she is always into making something.

    Shadowmoss, email us at wb3dzy@consolidated.net with your address and we will send you some info.

  4. She is very talented and I love her work.

  5. Jill, thanks, I will tell her what you said.