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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wondering, so this is progress?

We were coming back from a visit to another eye surgeon yesterday and were driving on a road that we used to use quite a bit when going to visit our son and his family except we turn off only part of the way to go to the eye doc.  I am talking about FM 1488.  We get on it where it begins at I-45 and turn off on 2978.  Back when we used to use it a lot (as I mentioned above) it was a beautiful drive.  FM 1488 was then a two lane road through the woods.  Now, however, it has turned into a five lane highway with many, many traffic lights and where there used to be beautiful forests there is now all kinds of business and retail stores.  Here is a picture I snapped coming home.  It was in the most scenic part I could find:

And there are still businesses in the picture.  You would think that this super wide highway would allow a quicker trip but not really.  There are just so many traffic lights that you just get started and you have to stop, over and over and over again.  I guess I don't like progress very much, but I will have to learn to live with it.  Some actually helps and I am sure that the extra width to the road was necessary, but it sure is a shame that the beauty disappears when "progress" comes along.  With all the hard surfaced roads and fewer trees, it is no wonder we are having global warming.  Or is it I just get "hot" over what I see (grin)?  Never the less, it is amazing just how fast "civilization" can take over.  Now, you have a great day today, you hear?


  1. I always love the meandering backroads way more than any interstates. I guess I'd rather just take longer to get where I am going.

  2. Jill, I agree. One misses a lot on the interstates but sometimes we need to use them because of limited time.

  3. Sometimes I'm actually grateful I live in a "dying" area that's losing population. Still have my pretty drives.

  4. I do hate it when the pretty places get taken over with pavement and burger joints!

    Guess the bars and strip clubs are next!

  5. Yup Dizzy, progress is tak'n over. With America grow'n at a faster pace than what it's dying off at, there's no where to go but to cut down the forests and plant super highways, housing, businesses and malls. All eye sores but necessary for a grow'n world. Enjoy what you can....tomorrow may be too late.

  6. In the 80's, I used to drive daily on FM 1488 to work at Pinehurst. It was all two lane and part of it was through a forest. It sure has grown up around there. I would never have got to work on time with all those new traffic lights. It's getting like FM 1960!!
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny.

  7. Six bears, yes/you are lucky to live there. Lake, woods, and a river to entertain you.

    HJ, and they call that civilization?

    BB, It is unbelievable the changes I have seen in my life time of almost 70 years.

    Penny, I can remember when 1960 was mostly a rural road. Yes, 1488 is taking the same evolution.

  8. I have never been on FM 1488 but I remember well in the late 70's when FM 1960 used to be called Jackrabbit Road and I was fortunate enough to see why.

    Back then FM 1960 was mostly a two lane road except in certain areas, now it is six lanes. I do not like "progress" either :-(