Wondering about wild grapes

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wondering about one eyed John and other critters.

Yep, I went and did it.  Glad that is over with.  What, you may ask? The first damage to my new John Deere lawn tractor.  Heck, I didn't even know when it happened.  I cut up close to pine trees and let the tractor push the limbs out of the way, so I suppose one limb resisted way too much.  It wasn't until it started to get dark and I turned on the head lights that I noticed something different.  When I kicked up a lot of dust, I only saw one beam of light.  After finishing up, I always let it cool down some and then hose it off.  That is when I found a headlight missing:

After opening the hood, this is what I saw:

I got that repaired and while the hood was up I removed the protective screen covering the radiator and cleaned both it and the air cleaner.  Dust is a problem around here and it has a tendency to build up on radiators and air cleaners.  The air cleaner is inside the container with the two round knobs that you see in the bottom of the above picture.  I cleaned it, too.

That tarp that covers the mower seems to attract all sorts of things.  This is what was on it yesterday:

See the little yellow specks on its back?  My wife said that it must have been panning for gold and got some stuck on him.  If that is the case, I better follow that little guy around at night.

And then I noticed this bug on the screen on the back porch.  Not sure what it is, so will have to Google it.  Here is a couple of pictures that I snapped of it:

So you see, you don't need to go far to go on safari and observe the animal and insect kingdom.  Just a few minutes ago when I left the dogs outside, there was a big old rabbit sitting at the foot of the stairs munching on some grass.  Instantly the dogs spotted it and the race was on.  It only lasted until they reached the fence.  The fence stopped the dogs but not the rabbit.  This is a magic trick for sure on the rabbits part.  It was a BIG rabbit and the fence is wire mesh 2" x 4" openings and the fence didn't even slow the rabbit down.  It ran right through it like it wasn't there.  Unbelievable!!!  I have seen it do this many times and it never ceases to amaze me.  Now, you all take a look around you and see what critters you can see, you hear?


  1. The first damage on something new is always the hardest.

    You are welcome to those very interesting TX bugs. Have a good one Dizzy!

  2. o well, had to happen,,,huh? Now you don't have to 'wonder' when it will,,,lol.
    Did that bug have bright florescent green under it's wings? Found one like that here last week, never saw one before. Looked like that.

  3. Sixbears, now I don't have to be as careful (grin). The closer you get to the equator the more and the stranger bugs seem to get.

    Trouble, don't know about the green, I didn't see it fly.

  4. If'n it as me, I would make a few bigger openings for them rabbits to pass through. Maybe hang a ribbon, or something like that, on the open'n so's the rabbits know where to get out. One get stuck in that 2 inches hole an' them dogs gonna kill it for sure.

  5. Dizzy, that's what I would call the tractors, first 'whiskey dent'.

  6. at night we have several toads visit our patio. I think they like the radio station my husband listens to.
    as for your Jeep questions. I don't have the answers but have a place for you to look. actually I plan to put it in my "favorites" so I find it again.

  7. Just lizards, lizards, lizards, snakes, bugs, rats, kangaroo rats, buzzards and a few birds around here. I think they must have poisoned all the coyotes back when they were supposedly dropping those anti rabies packets out. Ain't seen or heard one since. I've seen one toad since I've been here.

  8. Took a trip and never left the farm, the closer you look at them critters the more amazing they are. Sorry about your popeye, I keep telling you, duct tape some curb feelers on all your rolling stock.

  9. BB, there are a couple of larger holes, about 5 of them but the rabbit seems to just run through the fence. I'm not sure if my dogs would know what to do with one if they did catch it.

    Suerte, it was just dumb me that caused the dent. I haven't drank whiskey for way over 20 years.

    Jill, Got toads here, but they are not as pretty as the frogs. About the jeeps, I will look up the info, thanks.

    David, Maybe all those lizards, snakes, bugs, and rats ran them off.

    Jimkabob, Duct tape is great for everything. . . according to Red Green.

  10. Dizzy you have a way of "wrecking" all your new toys!

    With or without a headlight, could sure use one in my backyard or at least my little John "Walter" Deere :(

  11. MsB, I even wreck my used ones (grin). Actually, I haven't damaged one of my cars for since I sideswiped a rock back in 1965. All other vehicle damage was caused by hail.